The Best Way To Manage Agency Cash Flow

The Best Way To Manage Agency Cash Flow
Kari Cotone


Kari Cotone

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Let’s discuss every business owner’s favorite topic: cash flow management.

Amid sky-rocketing inflation and its economic effects, businesses are still projected to invest over 4 billion in influencer marketing in 2022. The truth is, these dollars are showing a return on investment. So regardless of the struggling economy, influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. 

As a marketing, brand, or talent agency, you already know this. Your roster is growing and your creators are in high demand. Your cash flow should be consistent or even increasing, but that’s not the case.

While online marketing campaigns are receiving larger budgets than ever before, the recession-like effects of 2022 are undoubtedly affecting the creator economy. Brands are fulfilling invoices late (or never), and creators are wondering why they haven’t received their payments.

As an agency, you’re caught in the middle of this mess.

You’re committed to providing your creators the payments they were promised, but you aren’t receiving timely payments from brands or campaigns. So somehow, regardless of your busy schedule, you’re still in the red. 

It’s an impossible position to be in. And we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your company’s financial health to ensure creators and talent are paid. 

That’s why Lumanu is on a mission to provide a financial infrastructure for the creator economy. And trust us, we thought of agencies in the process. 

Meet Lumanu for Business

Lumanu for Business is the all-in-one payment management platform that makes it easier than ever to send invoices to brands, payout creators and freelancers, and manage agency cash flow.

Within the Lumanu for Business dashboard, you can payout invoices in one click, track upcoming payments, and view payment history. Lumanu even processes and handles tax forms, which is essential for any agency managing contractors, influencers, and freelancers. Every piece of the payment management process is streamlined through Lumanu for Business.

Lumanu also has a free app for creators to download and use, so you won’t be asking them to invest in a platform in order to get paid. In fact, you’ll be introducing them to a tool that makes their payment process more efficient, too.

And don’t just have to take it from us. Alo, Everlane, Brooklinen, and Savage x Fenty are all brands that use Lumanu for Business— and the list goes on and on.
Lumanu for Business isgiving marketing, brand, and talent agencies their power back— so you can spend less time overwhelmed with logistical tasks and more time focused on the work that you do best.

The only payment platform that keeps your cash flowing— regardless of whether a brand has paid you or not.

Not only does Lumanu for Business help you manage and track your agency earnings, but it also helps you stay in the green. We do it with a tool called EarlyPay, and it does exactly what the name suggests: pay you before your brand or vendor has. 

EarlyPay is Lumanu’s solution for cash flow management— because we know a consistent cash flow is critical for survival in this economic climate.

With EarlyPay, you won’t be beholden to a brand’s overdue payments to keep the lights on. When you send an invoice, Lumanu reviews your EarlyPay eligibility and sends you a confirmation within 24-hours. If you decide to complete the invoice using EarlyPay, you’ll receive the payment in your Lumanu for Business account instantly (for a small and competitive fee of 2.9%). You can transfer the payment to your business bank account at any time and consider your cash flow concerns, conquered. 

At the end of the day, agencies and the creators they advocate for are experiencing a similar challenge: getting paid on time so they can continue to grow their business. EarlyPay is the tool that makes it all possible. 

Check out Lumanu for Business in action

Perhaps you’re intrigued, but wondering: can I handle adding “implement new payment platform” to my never-ending to-do list?

As a rapidly growing tech company, we totally understand where you’re coming from. So let’s start with a preview of what business could look like with Lumanu for Business on your team:

Take a peek at the dashboard and imagine managing and making a payment in just a few clicks.

Can’t believe EarlyPay is a real feature? (We get that a lot.) From confirming eligibility to bank transfer, this is how it all works.

We work with clients who manage and pay hundreds, even thousands, of creators at once. The bulk payment feature allows those payments to be made in minutes as opposed to hours.

There’s no catch— Lumanu for Business really is as simple as it sounds.

Take a moment and consider what it could cost you to keep doing things the way you are now… countless hours tallying up a pile of invoices, increasing debts from making payments you don’t have the cash for, or even losing sight of why you enjoy your job, to begin with.

Our team set out to help the creator economy thrive, and you’re an integral part of that. Allow Lumanu for Business to relieve your cash flow management load so you can focus on your growing business.

Our team is available to discuss and explore a potential collaboration! Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a conversation. 

Kari Cotone

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