Built for creative businesses

Simple tools for invoicing and payments, plus access to instant working capital.

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A payments and financing solution, all in one

Pay and get paid faster, hassle free

Send invoices, collect payment, and transfer to your bank account effortlessly without fees

Split incoming payments between you, your creators, and any other contributors automatically

Lumanu automatically handles all W9, 1099, and tax requirements for you and your creators

Payments and Invoicing Dashboard

Instant working capital through EarlyPay

Get immediate money based on outstanding invoices

Skip chasing down payments or waiting 30-90 days

No risky credit lines or worrying about cash flow again

Green Waves

One simple dashboard

Track incoming and outgoing payments at a glance

Plugs directly into your existing AP/AR system

Streamline internal workflow and save an average of 72 hours/week

All in one Payments dashboard
Level Up

Automated whitelisting for maximum ROI

Automatic advertiser access to your influencers' handles in seconds

Combat ad fatigue with unique creator content

Hypertarget your ideal customer and improve ROI across paid social campaigns

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Lumanu is built for creative businesses

Simplify your payments process with software that marketing and finance teams love, plus get access to instant working capital to fuel your business.

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