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About Us

We are revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers through Influencer Media.

Consumers are tired of repetitive brand ads and the same mass-audience messaging. Today, brands are turning to influencer marketing to combat issues of ad fatigue and consumer distrust, but the industry is rife with issues of transparency and attribution.

Low organic reach, fake followers, and overpriced influencers make influencer marketing unreliable as a channel. We want to put a stop to overpaying on influencer programs based on vanity metrics and hoping for results. We want to elevate the true influencers - the storytellers and trendsetters - regardless of their follower counts or engagement rates.

That is why we are building the future of Influencer Media, where great storytelling is delivered to receptive audiences with the scale, precision, and measurability of media.

Our Leadership

Tony Tran
Nhan Nguyen
Paul Johnson
Matthew Kerestesy
Head of Media

Our Board
and Advisors

Peter Sachse
Prev. Chief Growth Officer, Macy’s
Martine Reardon
Chief Marketing Officer, Macy's
Muriel Gonzalez
Prev. SVP Marketing, Estee Lauder
Binh Tran
Co-Founder & CTO, Klout

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1528 Webster Street
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