The Content Solution
Built for Performance

Lumanu turns your earned and sponsored content into a scalable media channel

The Challenge

Influencer marketing, while a great source of engaging content, has traditionally failed as a performance channel.

Low organic reach, abundance of fake followers and bots, and the inability to target content to specific audiences and measure results have rendered Influencer Marketing unreliable for performance-driven marketers.

With today's consumers increasingly turned off by repetitive brand ads, how can brands incorporate Influencer Marketing as an effective and scalable media channel?

our approach

Working closely with a handful of top consumer brands, we set out to uncover what makes a consumer do something meaningful as a result of social endorsements.

As a result, we discovered three remarkable insights. First, an unfamiliar influencer can still influence a user if the content is relatable and informative. Second, users trust content coming from an influencer more than if the same content were repurposed on a brand account. Third, showing a user multiple content by different influencers in one campaign significantly increases brand lift and purchase intent.

From our learnings, we built Lumanu. Lumanu is the first solution to take the creative storytelling of your influencers and amplify it programmatically to audiences built from a data co-op across influencers, publishers, and advertisers.

Powered by proprietary technology.

Built by MIT and Google engineers.
Refined through $20,000,000+ of influencer activations.


Data and rights management system custom-built for creators. Endorsed by the biggest celebrities, influencers, and talent agencies.


Industry-first programmatic approach to boosting content from dozens of creators to hundreds of proprietary audiences, all with realtime optimizations.

"Incorporating Lumanu into our influencer campaigns was game-changing. Lumanu exceeded our expectations across multiple KPIs, all the while ensuring our target users were seeing our best influencer posts multiple times throughout a campaign."

Susan Kim
SVP US Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics

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Katie Iles
VP Growth Marketing, Elysium Health

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Shane Pittson
Head of Marketing, Quip