Automate payments to your creative talent

Work with freelancers and influencers anywhere in the world. We’ll handle vendor onboarding, compliance and everything else. See why brands, enterprises, and agencies chose Lumanu as their preferred method for payouts.

The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.
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Pay influencers and freelancers, hassle-free

Spend less time managing payouts and more time on scaling your busisness. Lumanu makes it easy to onboard creators and pay them, all in one dashboard.

Easy onboarding

Lumanu onboards your creative talent and manages communication about upcoming payments

Compliance handled

We’ll supply you with all the tax compliance documentation you need

Integrate seamlessly

Lumanu integrates to Quickbooks, Zapier, and Bill so you can preserve all your accounting workflows

International payments

Make international payments across 40+ countries, with much better exchange rates

No more waiting

Creators can opt to get paid instantly via EarlyPay when their payout is approved

Built for scale

Advanced features like approver workflows, bulk payments, and scheduled payments

Integrations to preserve your current workflows

Lumanu syncs to your existing accounting, CRM, and project management systems so you don’t have to redesign any of your team’s core workflows.

...and more

Loved by brands, agencies, and talent managers alike

“Lumanu has made it easier for both our internal teams and creators to receive quick payment without worrying about fees or other annoying limitations we've seen with Paypal.”

Jenn Wang
Director of Brand Strategy, Cohley

“Lumanu has made paying our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a month seamless and easy.”

Paul Desisto
Founder, Paul Desisto Talent Management

“Lumanu payments is the most efficient and effective way for our team to pay our creators.”

Amanda Calamoneri, Sr
Sr. Manager Partnerships & Community, Jot

“I really wouldn't be able to scale our influencer program without the help of a tool like Lumanu.”

Growth Marketer
Andie Swim

“By paying our creators with Lumanu, we’re able to streamline operations and get instant money to fuel our business. Our talent can, too.”

Eric Kullberg
Co-Founder, Creators Agency
Paul Desisto Talent ManagementPaul Desisto Talent Management
Andie SwimAndie Swim
 Creators Agency Creators Agency


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