Amplify your influencer marketing with programmatic buying

Use Lumanu to buy programmatic through Facebook and Instagram on behalf of your influencers.
Deliver targeted impressions at scale that drive measurable engagements and conversions.

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Lumanu SmartBoost

Better results. Less work.

Whether you work with 1 influencer or 500, SmartBoost lets you amplify your influencer content with none of the hassle.

Amplification via programatic

SmartBoost allows marketers to make programmatic buys through multiple partner influencer accounts simultaneously. Lumanu automatically optimizes based on your objective across multiple influencers, content, and audiences.

@rachelleighsebald lookalike audience
@rachelleighsebald engaged followers
@rachelleighsebald blog readers
Millennial women in LA and NYC
Brand custom audiences
See why marketers and influencers overwhelmingly prefer Lumanu over influencer whitelisting and branded post promotions.

Powered by SocialCert

SocialCert provides a secure way for influencers to share audience data and permissions with trusted partners. SocialCert was built in collaboration with and trusted by the top talent agencies, managers, and influencers in the world to safeguard influencer data.

Influencers & Publishers
Data and permissions
SaaS Platform
Brands & Advertisers
Programmatic and analytics
SocialCert is the only trusted way for influencers to have transparency into how their content and online identity is being used in brand media campaigns.

Effortlessly scale your influencer program

Built by MIT and Stanford PhDs, Lumanu is the first and only platform that takes a quantitative and transparent approach to ensuring influencer content reaches the people it should. Take control over who sees your branded influencer content.

Lumanu for Brands

With Lumanu SmartBoost, you can finally get your influencer content in front of the perfect audience. Lumanu is compatible with all influencer platforms and agencies.

Starting at $500 per month.

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Lumanu for Agencies

Lumanu can help you win deals and deliver better campaign results by ensuring your influencer content reaches the right audience. White label solution available.

Starting at $500 monthly per client.

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