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Our Mission

We are maximizing the value of the Creator Economy by building technology to reduce the friction between the people involved - from creators and managers to the businesses that work with them.

Our Technology

1-Click Permissioning

The easiest and most secure way for creators to grant usage rights and permissions.

Influencer Advertising requires an extraordinary level of trust between advertisers and creators. Lumanu allows creators to grant usage rights to their media assets, provide whitelisting access, and share 1st party audience data — all in 1-click.

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How It Works

Full transparency. Total control.

Lumanu is not a discovery engine or an agency. We are software that automates the process of advertising with your creators. Turn your top creators into an acquisition channel. Reach new audiences, run retargeting campaigns, and deliver ROAS and CPAs better than traditional Facebook ads.

Activate creators from any source.
Lumanu is compatible with all influencer programs, discovery engines, networks, and agencies.
Request rights and permissions via Lumanu.
Send Lumanu links to as many creators as you want. Lumanu also supports celebrities and publishers.
Creators complete the request in 1 click.
Lumanu makes it easy for advertisers and creators by automating the entire process or granting permissions.
Creators make beautiful content per usual.
Creators can choose to publish the content online or share the media assets directly with you.
Everything is automatically synced.
All assets and analytics flow directly into your dashboard (no more emails!) and are automatically synced with your Facebook Ad Account(s).
Buy media and get results!
Use Facebook Ads Manager or any buying tool you want to scale your Influencer Advertising program. Lumanu automatically ensures compliance with usage terms.

Ready to simplify influencer dark posts?

If you’re ready to scale your influencer advertising efforts, let us show you how Lumanu makes influencer dark posting easy.

Trusted By Top Brands And Agencies
Laurin Hicks

Incorporating Lumanu into our creator driven campaigns was game-changing. Lumanu exceeded our expectations across multiple KPIs, all the while ensuring our target users were seeing our best creator content multiple times throughout a campaign.

Laurin Hicks
Director of Digital Marketing
Benefit Cosmetics

Lumanu makes it incredibly easy to whitelist dozens of influencers every week. Without Lumanu, it would have been impossible for us to incorporate influencers into our acquisition mix at the scale that we require. If you're already investing in influencers, Lumanu is a no-brainer.

Matt Kurkowski
Director of Performance Marketing

We use Lumanu to turn our influencer marketing into a scalable acquisition channel. We loved that the solution was effortless to use and completely transparent -- allowing us to use our influencers, our pixel, and our 1st party audiences on top of Lumanu's excellent out-of-the-box optimizations.

Shane Pittson
Head of Marketing
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