Spotlight Series: Justin Moore, Creator Wizard

Spotlight Series: Justin Moore, Creator Wizard
Lauren Russo


Lauren Russo

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Empowering Creator Businesses to Thrive 

Lumanu passionately believes creators are incredible solo-preneurs running powerful and legitimate businesses. We respect and admire how authentic, inspiring, impactful creators and the content they create are for their audience and how valuable they are for brands who know how to effectively collaborate to highlight their talents.  

We are laser-focused on delivering solutions that aim to give creators what they deserve!

At the core of our innovation, we hold these values:

  • Creators deserve to know their worth, understand the ways in which their value can be fully monetized, and to be compensated appropriately under fair terms.
  • Creators deserve standardization to improve the efficiency of working with brands.  This includes better workflows, streamlined processes, and easier more secure ways to get paid on time.
  • Creators deserve transparency into their content’s performance and tools to be able to better communicate their worth in a clear and compelling way.
  • Creators deserve control over how their content, likeness, and data are being used and to feel protected.
  • Creators deserve to feel informed and educated in a rapidly ever-evolving industry. 

Today we want to highlight Justin Moore, founder of Creator Wizard.  When we first met Justin Moore, founder of Creator Wizard, we were so excited to connect with another thought leader who is on the same mission to empower creators that we are.  Justin GETS it. The Creator Wizard channels are dedicated to helping creators stay informed on the industry and the business side of being a creator. 

Creator Wizard tackles all of the major challenges and questions that creators face when it comes to running the business side of their personal brands and tactfully navigating the industry. With 10 years of experience as a creator himself, over 1.5M+ followers, and as an agency owner who has worked on over 500+ brand deals he is an expert on the space. The Creator Wizard’s channels focus on providing fun, lucrative, and easy to digest advice, coaching, and courses that help creators fine-tune their creator businesses for success.   

 Creator Wizard aims to provide creators with a step by step guide to running their creator business.  

Recently, our path’s crossed when Justin learned of Lumanu’s recent beta release of our new creator payment tool.  After sitting down and chatting about all of the challenges that creators face when it comes to getting paid, we quickly realized that we needed to make a video and share our collective learnings on how to approach and navigate getting paid as a creator.  

Lumanu’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Lauren Russo sits down with Justin and covers creator’s top questions: 

  • How do Payment Terms work and what are “Net payment terms”? (0:50 )
  • What is Vendor Paperwork (4:37)  and how can you avoid making errors on vendor forms - (8:10)?
  • Tax Paperwork and W-9 requirements (9:24
  • What are ways to get paid on time? (12:47
  • How does Lumanu work to solve these challenges for Creators? (15:30 )
  • How Lumanu can help with chasing down late brand deal payments (18:16 )

If you found this helpful, Justin is launching a new training series that aims to go even deeper on the topic of getting paid as a creator along with several others to kick off the new year.  Justin's free training called the “14-Day Brand Deal Challenge,” launching January 11.

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Lauren Russo

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