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General help

What is Lumanu’s solution for businesses?

Working with creators and other independent contractors has never been easier. Lumanu offers managers, agencies and brands tools that streamline payments and associated tax paperwork, collaboration, and influencer campaigns. All in one central place. These tools are used by marketers and accounting teams in companies big and small.

We are trusted by some of the world’s largest and well known brands including Walmart, Everlane, Poshmark, and Cameo.

How does Lumanu handle tax paperwork for managers, agencies, and brands?

Lumanu facilitates 1099s so you don’t have to. Lumanu is designated as a third party settlement organization. This means we are responsible for handling tax reporting requirements. Because payments are sent to creators via Lumanu, they do not need to submit W-9s to brand partners and you will not be required to issue a 1099-MISC.

Does Lumanu help me find influencers?

At this time Lumanu does not offer influencer discovery. However, we plan to add some exciting features in the near future that will allow brands to connect with new creators!

Stay tuned for more details or reach out to if you have any questions.

Does Lumanu work with my existing accounts payable software?

Lumanu fits right into your existing processes. We are compatible with all existing accounts payable solutions, including, Melio, Oracle, Tipalti, and more. Lumanu serves as your single vendor for creator payments, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of collecting bank information & W-9’s, or answering creator questions about 1099s, etc. If a creator is not already part of the Lumanu payment network, they can onboard easily in <2 minutes. Save time and significantly reduce the back-and-forth that often happens when working with new creators or freelancers. Lumanu payments is an entirely automated “white glove” experience for you that plugs directly into your existing AP process!

How do I know Lumanu is secure and can be trusted?

Lumanu has been in business for more than half a decade. We are trusted by some of the world’s largest and well known brands including Walmart, Everlane, Poshmark, and Cameo.

For payments, Lumanu integrates with FDIC insured banking partners and Plaid to ensure that we can collect banking information (via bank login or account & routing number) safely and simply. Lumanu does not access or store sensitive account information. Plaid is technology made for apps and used by top brands like American Express, Venmo, and Acorns as the most trusted technology in the space. To learn more about Plaid, you can visit their website here.

Getting Started

How much does Lumanu cost?

Check out our Pricing page to learn more about Lumanu costs.

Is Lumanu’s Advertising Access feature different from boosting?

Yes, our solution is not simply boosting an organic post. By using Lumanu, you are able to incorporate your paid media best practices, including editing, A/B testing, mixing and matching content formats, and audience building.

What is the cost for the people I pay? Do they need a Lumanu account?

There is no cost to your payment recipients. They will need to create a Lumanu account to receive funds directly to their bank account.

What is the process for getting started after I sign up?

Once you’ve subscribed to Lumanu, a member of our Customer Experience team will reach out to you by the end of the next business day to schedule your personalized onboarding. They will help get you all set up and answer any questions.

How can I get a demo or speak with someone from Lumanu?

For a demo or if you have a sales-related question, contact our sales team at or fill out the form on this page. For customer support, email us at We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

What forms of payment do you take for my subscription?

We accept a variety of credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

For Existing Users

How do I add new team members to my Lumanu account?

Adding new team member is easy! Please reach out to with your request.

Can I send my AP department an invoice to fund the account as a way to request funds?

Yes, if that works for you it works for us.

How do I fund my Lumanu account to be able to pay influencers and creators?

However you like! Options for same day funding include:

- ACH or wire
- Ramp or Divvy account
- via
- via credit card

How can our marketing team request to fund our Lumanu account from our internal AP team?

The typical process for reviews and approvals is as follows:

- Invoices are sent to marketing (and show up in dashboard)
- Marketing forwards accepted invoices to AP who then funds Lumanu account for all invoices received (on a schedule, typically every 1-2 weeks)
- When funds are received they are added to the account and marketing pays out invoices
- Marketing always has control over when to release payment based on campaign completion


The account can be pre-funded in advance based on a monthly approved budget. Marketing can then fulfill payments as needed from that pre-funded balance in the Lumanu account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by contacting Lumanu Customer Support at

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