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General help

What is Lumanu’s solution for businesses?
How does Lumanu handle tax paperwork for managers, agencies, and brands?
Does Lumanu help me find influencers?
Does Lumanu work with my existing accounts payable software?
How do I know Lumanu is secure and can be trusted?

Getting Started

How much does Lumanu cost?
Is Lumanu’s Advertising Access feature different from boosting?
What is the cost for the people I pay? Do they need a Lumanu account?
What is the process for getting started after I sign up?
How can I get a demo or speak with someone from Lumanu?
What forms of payment do you take for my subscription?

For Existing Users

How do I add new team members to my Lumanu account?
Can I send my AP department an invoice to fund the account as a way to request funds?
How do I fund my Lumanu account to be able to pay influencers and creators?
How can our marketing team request to fund our Lumanu account from our internal AP team?
How do I cancel my subscription?