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Lumanu has helped brands whitelist 1000s of influencers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates to deliver amazing CPAs and efficient revenue growth.

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Lumanu enables an “Always-On” approach to integrating creators into paid social

Easily whitelist all your creative talent. Leverage creator content, handles, and engaged/lookalike audiences to improve CPAs on prospecting, retargeting, and Advantage+ campaigns.


Did you know?

Mixing creator and brand assets together generates 53% increase in CTR, 19% reduction in CPA, and a 99% probability to outperform brand-only and creator-only  campaigns.

Source: Test-vs-control study across 15 advertisers in 2022.

Creators grant whitelisting access in seconds

Send a branded invite page to your creators, and they can accept in one-click in Instagram. No Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Page needed. Lumanu is the only platform to support all types of whitelisting: allowlisting, branded content, branded content ads, and partner ads.

Features to save time and improve CPAs


Branded Invite Page

Get a Custom URL to invite influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates to grant whitelisting access. Organize, tag, and track statuses of all your creators in one centralized dashboard.


Native integrations with Meta ad accounts

Social handles, organic content, and audiences automatically flow into your Ads Manager. Leverage Lumanu’s status as a Premium Meta Partner to get access to the latest performance tips and optimizations.


Access untapped influencer audiences

Unlock engaged and lookalike audiences from your roster of partners to improve CPAs on paid social. Tap into the wider Lumanu network of creators and publishers for even more audiences.


Utilize dynamic handle optimization

Drive performance by serving ads to users from the instagram account that particular user is most familiar with (brand’s account vs. creator’s account).


Effectively moderate ad comments

Address and hide offensive comments on whitelisted partner ads. Use a manual filter to block specific keywords, phrases, and emojis.


Ad creation flexibility

Build dark posts from scratch or leverage existing influencer posts to build upon engagement rate.


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