Creator Stores

Stop wasting qualified traffic from your influencer content/ads and create a unique shopping experience optimized to deliver results across all of your paid media channels.

Creator Stores

Shorten the path to purchase

Influencer marketing has moved beyond awareness campaigns and marketers need results. Lumanu Creator Stores are a custom storefront designed as an extension of your influencer content. A true unique shopping experience built for you around your influencers to drive more results, all integrated with Lumanu’s whitelisting/BCA platform.

Compared to traditional landing pages, Lumanu Creator Stores generate:


Return on ad spend lift


Lift in average order value


Add-to-cart lift


Average conversion rate

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Custom built for your brand

We understand that every brand is unique and so is your content. The Lumanu team will work with you to build the perfect experience to help maximize customer conversions. Each store can feature a different layout, content, product collection, discount depending on the creator or marketing channel it's being used on.

Stores are just the beginning

The flexibility of Lumanu Creator Stores continues to grow! While the main use case continues to be creator driven landing pages, a number of our brand customers have found other ways to maximize their Creator Stores ROI. Take a look below.

Supercharge your affiliate programs

Tired of tracking affiliate codes? Worried the codes are being abused by coupon sites? Use Lumanu Creator Stores to create custom experiences for each of your affiliates with discounts built in!

This improves the customer experience (no more codes to enter) while allowing the affiliate to select the products they love without worrying about with promo code to use.

Next level

Influencer gifting made easy

Similar to influencer whitelisting, running gifting programs at scale can be very problematic and resource intensive. Collecting shipping addresses, product sizes and coupon codes can require 100s of man hours.

Lumanu Creator stores can simplify this process but creating a gifting specific store with approved products that ties right into your existing order fulfillment process.

Influencer gifting

Built for marketers.
Loved by finance teams.

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