How to Pay SnapChat Influencers?

How to Pay SnapChat Influencers?
Kari Cotone


Kari Cotone

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In the time since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has become the platform Gen Z has claimed as a place where they can be unabashedly themselves compared to other social media platforms. Similarly to social media monster TikTok, users enjoy sharing real moments with their followers, and brands use the platform to connect with and expand their target audience through paid and sponsored posts.

With more users migrating to these Gen Z-dominated platforms like TikTok – where short-form videos are king – content creators are being met with a unique opportunity to access new monetization creator tools across these channels. In the last couple of years, major tech players have been battling with bringing back young users to their social apps, with Meta launching reels on Instagram and YouTube launching YouTubeShorts. But with all the competition, it’s not enough to win over Gen Z users and keep them in-app. Now tech companies must figure out how to keep them engaged, which is why we’ve seen YouTube announce it’s revenue sharing with video creators who are part of YouTube’s partner program and TikTok and Instagram introduce new monetization tools.

In 2020, Snapchat introduced Spotlight, a partner program similar to TikTok’s creator fund, that promised to payout $1 million daily to top-performing creators who garnered the most video views in an effort to keep users engaging with the app. It also gives Snapchat a competitive advantage against other platforms like YouTube which brought in 7.07 billion U.S. dollars in ad revenue Q3.

Today, ecommerce brands will pay a lot of money to reach new audiences, and Snapchat influencers are one of the strategies they’ll use to expand their reach. These influencers have built a community on the platform, and brands collaborate with them to create trending short-form videos, sponsored posts, and creative calls to action so they can touch even more potential customers.

What is a Snapchat influencer?

By definition, Snapchat influencers are freelancers (or 1099 employees). Though we may know them as video creators, content creators are considered independent contractors running their own small businesses that specialize in content creation and remain free to decide when, how, and who they work with.

Brands are seeking influencers as affiliate marketing partners, and creators pick and choose the best partnerships for them based on their alignment with a brand, the exclusivity agreement, and the type of content the collaboration will require them to produce.

But there’s another important piece to this partnership puzzle. Many creators agree the biggest bottleneck in their business is getting paid for their work. Because Snapchat influencers are freelancers, they are juggling a large number of invoices and payments and unfortunately for them, community guidelines don’t exist around the best way to payout creators. With that, comes a variety of payment platforms and options for brands, managers, and creators to choose from.

We’re in this biz of paying out influencers and creators, so we’ve seen and experienced them all. Below, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of the most popular methods to pay Snapchat influencers.

Paper Checks

Paper checks are the least expensive option for domestic payments, but brands or creators who prefer them are definitely behind the times. We live in a digital world, and these kinds of content collaborations are digital marketing efforts. Paper checks, while fairly reliable, are a nuisance. Waiting for a paper check in the mail could be irritating for the Snapchat influencer, who is used to receiving payments instantly through online platforms.


PayPal is one of the standard methods for exchanging payments. It seems like folks settle for PayPal simply because it’s well-known and was one of the first companies to offer this kind of online service.  It’s free to open an account, and if used, the funds would immediately transfer into the Snapchat influencer’s PayPal account. Keep in mind, there’s a 2.9% transaction fee and a list of other possible fees, depending on the type of transaction.

Paypal’s functions are fairly basic. The platform itself doesn’t provide helpful tools like organizational functions to help brands or influencers track and manage their income or budgets. If a brand’s affiliate marketing strategy is robust, it’s wise to invest in a payment platform with more extensive features and functions than PayPal.


Venmo entered the market as an easy way to split payments for rent, dinner dates, or activities with your friends. It even has a social media feed where you can view any public payments made between friends. But over the past couple of years, Venmo has made an attempt to establish itself as a reliable and professional payment platform option.

It’s simple to connect bank accounts and or credit cards to Venmo and use the platform to send and receive payments — but similar to paper checks and PayPal, Venmo wasn’t created with functions that make tracking and managing transactions efficient or organized.

With that said, Venmo’s fees are minimal. To instantly transfer your Venmo wallet balance into your bank account, there is a 1.75% fee with a minimum fee of 25 cents and a maximum fee of 25 dollars. However, if you’re comfortable waiting the standard 1-3 business days for Venmo to transfer the funds, no fees are applied.


Wise (formally known as TransferWise) is a solid solution for brands and talent managers working with international influencers. What makes Wise unique is that a brand can pay using its local currency, and a creator still receives payment in their local currency.

There are fees, of course, as international payments are more expensive. The exact fee varies based on the currency a party uses, but the fixed rate is typically between 6-12 dollars and the transaction fee is approximately 0.45%. All international options considered, Wise is a decent payment method for international influencer collaborations.


Meet a new and better option for Snapchat influencer payments — Lumanu. Lumanu is the only startup for creators that offers an all-in-one payouts solution for brands, agencies and talent managers. Lumanu is a free app to download, and on it, creators can send invoices and receive payments. There are no fees for an influencer to send an invoice, receive a payment, or transfer the money into their bank account.

Lumanu payments is a subscription-based solution for brands, managers, and agencies to send, receive, and organize payments from affiliate marketing and brand deals. One-click payments, tax form management, and 24/7 customer support are just a few of the features included in the $99/ month membership fee.

Lumanu’s EarlyPay is another differentiator to benefit brands and creators. EarlyPay’s purpose is to pay the collaborator almost immediately after an invoice is sent. For just a 2.9% fee, users can cash out their invoice balances — keeping credit card balances low, cash flow high, and all collaborators happy.

Whether you’re a brand, manager, or Snapchat influencer, the creator economy is a central part of your professional life. You want to invest in a payment solution that benefits all parties involved to ensure the partners you engage with don’t have to waste time wondering how, when, and where their payment will come from.

Each platform shared today has its benefits, but Lumanu is the secure, efficient, and creator-minded solution for sending and receiving payments. See how Lumanu stacks up against other alternatives like

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Kari Cotone

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