Product Update: Lumanu will no longer support invoicing to companies outside of the Lumanu network

Product Update: Lumanu will no longer support invoicing to companies outside of the Lumanu network
Haley Omick


Haley Omick

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Over the next few weeks, Lumanu’s invoicing tool will be going through a major revamp in order to improve payment times and security. On February 28th, 2023, users will no longer be able to invoice companies outside of the Lumanu network. Users will still be able to send invoices (“payment requests”) to companies inside the Lumanu network. 

Why is Lumanu supporting invoicing to in-network customers only?

We’ve been nothing short of ecstatic to provide creators and freelancers with a free invoicing tool for the last year. That being said, we’ve found that this offering drew focus away from our primary goal: providing hassle-free payouts to creators. 

We want to help creators get paid faster, and that means being able to quickly verify who is paying you. Allowing any Lumanu user to invoice anyone in the world invited fraud and slowed down payment processing times. We weren’t operating at the standard that we hold ourselves to, and we decided to restrict invoicing to provide a better experience for the use cases we do support. 

Introducing Lumanu 2.0

The new-and-improved version of Lumanu, Lumanu 2.0, will be officially launched in March 2023. With Lumanu 2.0, you will be able to invoice companies within the Lumanu network. Rather than filling out the fields of an invoice, you will simply ‘Request Payment’ from your client.

Lumanu 2.0 will also support an exciting new feature, creator sourcing! Our new Creator Sourcing tool provides Lumanu Clients with a custom directory of vetted creators and freelancers to browse for collaboration opportunities. Creators can request to be added to this directory by reaching out to

How will I know whether a company is within Lumanu’s network?

Within the ‘Request Payment’ window launching in the new version of Lumanu, you will be able to search by company name. If the company name populates when searching, the brand/agency is within Lumanu’s network. 

Please note that this ‘Request Payment’ functionality is not yet launched, but will be available on March 1st, 2023.

If your client is not currently within Lumanu’s network, please feel free to send an email to with the company name and your billing contact, and we’ll work on adding them to the Lumanu network! 

What if I have an open invoice with a due date past February 28th, 2023?

Not to worry! We will continue to process payments for Lumanu invoices with due dates prior to  March 31st, 2023. Any payments received for invoices with due dates past 3/31/23 will not be processed and returned to the sender. 

If you have an open invoice(s) with a due date past this date, we highly recommend canceling these invoices and resubmitting them to your client(s) via a different invoicing tool. 

If you were previously using Lumanu as your primary invoicing tool, please see alternative invoicing tools below:

Should you have any questions regarding this change or interest in learning more about Lumanu 2.0, please reach out to

Haley Omick

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