Lumanu and Creators Agency Announce Partnership to Power How Creators Do Business

Lumanu and Creators Agency Announce Partnership to Power How Creators Do Business
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Lumanu Team

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Lumanu, the platform that helps creators grow, collaborate and become more successful, today announces a partnership with Creators Agency to make it easier for the growing number of creators to do business. The partnership will provide Creators Agency collaborators and managed talent access to the Lumanu platform to send invoices, accept payments and issue payouts and get paid instantly on invoices via EarlyPay. Creators Agency will leverage its broad network to provide ongoing feedback on Lumanu’s product offerings and features as Lumanu solidifies its position as the financial infrastructure for the creator economy.

Lumanu was built to democratize the entire creator economy so that all creators, including photographers, writers, designers, influencers and freelancers, can thrive on their own terms and have access to the business tools, payment options and professional services needed for success. In addition to valuable financial tools and resources, the Lumanu platform also helps foster collaboration among creators, allowing the sharing of information and digital assets. As the creator economy continues to expand, the more than 50 million creators worldwide will need broader access to financial tools and frictionless payments.

“At Lumanu we are committed to providing creators with the financial tools and technology they need to successfully run their business so that they can focus their time and energy doing what they love– creating,” said Tony Tran, co-founder and CEO of Lumanu. “Our partnership with Creators Agency presents a valuable opportunity to extend the reach of our intuitive tools and resources to the increasing numbers of digital agencies and help connect them with easy-to-use payments solutions they need to grow their business.”

After seeing the pay discrepancy between male and female creators, Erika Kullberg– one of the most influential creators in the financial space– and co-founders, Eric Kullberg and Apple Crider, started the Creators Agency, now one of the leading talent management agencies for digital creators. Built for creators by creators, Creators Agency seeks to empower creators with the tools they need to collaborate and grow.

“Digital creators are the lifeblood of our agency and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help them build scalable businesses, especially when it comes to getting paid,” said Eric Kullberg, co-founder of Creators Agency. “Payments and cashflow are essential parts of that. By paying our creators with Lumanu, we’ll be able to streamline operations and get instant money to fuel our business, and our talent can, too. Lumanu shares our interest in putting the creator first with the goal of making a creator’s business as efficient as possible, making this a natural partnership. We look forward to continuing to use the Lumanu platform, providing our insights and making it available to all our clients to meet the full spectrum of their payments needs.”

The Lumanu platform has 40,000 users and has experienced >30% month-over-month growth in total payment volume since Q1 2021. One of the platform’s most popular features is EarlyPay, which enables creators and businesses to instantly get paid on any invoice for a small fee.
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About Lumanu

Lumanu is building the financial infrastructure for the creator economy. They help creators and creative businesses like influencers, freelancers, agencies, and talent managers collect payments, payout to vendors/partners, and get instant working capital. Lumanu is a venture funded startup that has raised $18M to date.

Lumanu's partners include some of the top brands, digital and media agencies as well as tens of thousands of individual creators. The company has been acknowledged as one of top 10 most innovative social media companies of 2022 by Fast Company and one of 14 transformational creator economy startups of 2022 by Business Insider.

About Creators Agency

Creators Agency represents some of the internet's top creators in the personal finance and investing niche as well as a variety of other popular YouTube and TikTokers with a combined reach of over 50M followers. In addition to helping creators establish long-term predictable revenue through collaborations with brands, Creators Agency also partners with creators to build additional businesses in order to further diversify their revenue.

Lumanu Team

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