Invited by a brand? Here’s an intro to Lumanu

Invited by a brand? Here’s an intro to Lumanu
Lumanu Team


Lumanu Team

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About Lumanu

Lumanu is a payments solution for both creators and the businesses they work with. Founded in 2017, Lumanu is a venture-backed startup that has raised $18M to date from major investors such as Origin Ventures, early backers in Grubhub and Cameo. Led by CEO Tony Tran, Lumanu was founded on the mission that creators should be empowered to thrive on their own terms. 

Lumanu has paid tens of thousands of creators, including major influencers with millions of followers such as Erika Kullberg and Blake Michael, and our business customers include Revolve, Reformation, Walmart and Fashion Nova.

How will Lumanu work for you?

There are two ways you can use Lumanu as a creator:

1. You can receive payment from one of our business customers, like the one that directed you to this blog post! This payment can be pushed to you automatically, or you may be asked to invoice the brand via your Lumanu account.

2. If you prefer to invoice via your accounting software that works as well, your business partner will push you payment via Lumanu and you can settle your invoice when payment is received.

Your money is deposited directly into your Lumanu wallet, at which point you can transfer it to your own bank account via same day ACH. This means you never have to share your sensitive banking information. Lumanu is a secure, safe platform that protects your sensitive information, and we can never see or access what's in your bank account.

Questions? Ask us anything: 

Lumanu Team

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