Creator Spotlight: Raymond Smith

Creator Spotlight: Raymond Smith
Lumanu Team


Lumanu Team

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In honor of Black History Month, we partnered with four Black creators who are breaking barriers and paving the way for creatives around the world. From launching agencies to working on projects in the metaverse, we sat down with Raymond, Taiwo, Ceej, and Clarie to talk about what it means to make a living as a creator in our series “Creative Commerce.” Check out our spotlight on Raymond below.

Raymond Smith is a true expert at the business of creativity. As the CEO and founder of The Digital Footprint, a Black-owned creative agency that specializes in social media strategy, ideation and marketing, and design and content creation, Raymond has worked with brands like Nike, Puma, Capital One, MLB Assembly, and musician 6lack’s hot sauce brand 600 degrees. He’s also the head of creative strategy at lifestyle brand Ethika, and serves as a creative consultant for influencers like LaLa Milan and Jaimesha Thomas. 

Even with a resume and schedule that packed, Raymond still finds time to drop major knowledge and behind-the-scenes footage for other aspiring creators on his Instagram page, @rayandnite

In Raymond’s eyes, the biggest challenges that creatives face today is “expert culture and internet culture.” 

“The internet celebrates win culture, and you feel like you got to always have something figured out before you even move or collaborate,” Raymond explained. “And then you compare yourself to other people and other brands…I think that’s the biggest thing that hinders creatives. If you remove the internet and social media pressure, more people will create.” 

That’s his perspective on being a full-time creator today, but what advice would he give to his younger self? 

“Being creative is a job, and there’s a lane for that. So no matter how dark it gets… stay firm, trust the process, and trust your creativity – because you can make something out of it. You’re going to make a career out of it,” he said. 

Raymond is definitely one to watch in the creative industry. Be sure to keep up with Raymond on Instagram, @rayandnite, and check out more from our Creative Commerce series on YouTube. 

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