Control Cash Flow, Pay International Creators, and more updates from Lumanu

Control Cash Flow, Pay International Creators, and more updates from Lumanu
Lumanu Team


Lumanu Team

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Summer is in full swing but the Lumanu team is hard at work improving our product. Some updates you may be interested in:

  • Get instant cash with Lumanu EarlyPay, right in your dashboard
  • You can pay creators in their local currency in 37 new countries
  • User roles can be enabled for your team
  • Lumanu now integrates with Quickbooks and Zapier

For more details about each new update, read on!

Control cash flow with the click of a button

Send an invoice to any client as usual, then click the shiny new EarlyPay button to instantly request EarlyPay on the invoice you just sent. EarlyPay is just what it sounds like: get your money immediately, rather than waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for a client to pay you. For a small up-front fee, we’ll pay you for the work you’ve already done, so you can keep investing in your people and your business. 

If you use the Split Payment feature, your creators and freelancers will get paid early, too, when you do. Keep your talent happy with EarlyPay. 

(And here’s the best advice you’ll hear all year: build a small administrative or late fee into your standard contract. We recommend 2.9%. This will cover your EarlyPay fee, so the cost is passed onto the customer, and the risk of payment collection is assumed by Lumanu. Never chase another invoice again.)

Pay creators in 37 countries outside the USA

We’re going international! You can now pay creators in their local currency (CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, KRW, JPY) in 37 countries outside the United States including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and more

On your end, nothing changes. Simply pay creators in USD as usual, and the payout will convert automatically to their preferred local currency. Our exchange rate is 3-9x lower than exchanges on bank wires or Paypal so you’re saving money and time. 

Assign roles to your team

We’re here to make life easier for you and your team. That’s why we recently implemented user roles. Assign an “approver” or “payer” role to everyone with a Lumanu login, so you never have to worry about workflow or rogue payments. This has been a highly requested feature by finance teams, and we’re happy to deliver! This new feature is available to Pro tier subscribers only. Interested in upgrading? Let’s hop on a call or you can email us a

Integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks and Zapier

Pro tier customers can streamline their workflow because Lumanu now automatically syncs with Quickbooks and Zapier! Any time you send an invoice and are paid for an invoice via Lumanu, your Quickbooks account or Zapier accounting software will automatically register the change. Accountants and bookkeepers, rejoice! 

Questions? Feedback? Just want to say hi? We’re always here for you. Reach out any time at or schedule a demo

Cheers to you,

Lumanu Team

Lumanu Team

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