We're building the infrastructure for
all creative work,
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The Influencer

We're for creativity.

For the influencers. The talent managers. The graphic designers, photographers and the creative agencies, too. For all the freelancers and creative businesses who want to live and work on their own terms, so they can create the things that make all our lives richer.

At Lumanu, we focus on making it easier for creators and businesses to focus in growth and creativity by taking care of the other stuff: the invoicing, payments, cashflow.

The Podcaster

What we believe

Simpler is better.

Everything about Lumanu is designed to be straightforward, transparent, and easy to use.

All in one app

You deserve to get paid.

We think creators and creative businesses deserve respect, value, support and—yes—guaranteed payment. So that’s what we give them.


Barriers are made to be broken.

When we remove obstacles that stand in the way, life gets easier and more rewarding for everybody.

Breaking Walls

Our Story

Our CEO and founder Tony Tran doesn’t have to look far to find someone whose life was changed by creators.

His mother, a Vietnamese immigrant, struggled to find content in her native language from her home in South Carolina. Then Tony gave her an iPad. In her mid-70s, Tony’s mom discovered YouTube. Suddenly, a world of content that she could understand and enjoy was opened to her. And it was all made by creators.

That experience showed Tony the power of creators and inspired him to help them live life on their own terms. He started Lumanu to make it simple, fun, and collaborative for creators to do business.

Tony's Mom

Meet the team

We believe in creativity. Our team is filled with individuals of varied interests and hobbies—we’re DJs, avid cyclists, aspiring bakers, parents (plants, pets, kids), and more.

Tony Tran
Nhan Nguyen
Marisa Raymonds
Director of Client Experience
Blake Michael
Chief Evangelist
Will Sanctis
Product Manager
Bri Springs
Brand Manager
Max Maio
Software Engineer
Nu Xiong
People & Community Manager
Ken Chua
Senior Software Engineer

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