Automate payments to your creative talent

Work with freelancers and influencers anywhere in the world. We’ll handle vendor onboarding, compliance and everything else. See why brands, enterprises, and agencies chose Lumanu as their preferred method for payouts.

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The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.The Brand Manager. Save time managing influencers.

Trusted by the best to streamline payouts to creators and freelancers

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How it works

Creators get paid when their work is done

You pay via Lumanu on your terms

We take care of the rest. No time consuming onboarding or mountains of paperwork.


Add Payouts

Easily create payouts from your existing tools, from our dashboard, or via our API.


Approve Payouts

Payouts can be approved individually or in bulk with user-based permissions.


Issue Payouts

Pay-as-you-go or prefund your account to issue money for all approved payouts.

Simple payouts without the paperwork

Say goodbye to vendor onboarding

Lumanu acts as the master vendor for all your payouts, eliminating the need for you to do individual vendor onboarding and handle tax paperwork. Saving time for both you and your creators & freelancers.

Make life easy for your finance team

Your team has the option to pay-as-you-go by generating invoices for approved payouts, ACH Debit, or prefunding your account. Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and accounting tools.

Pay international creators hassle-free

Pay creators in over 40 countries with one click, at an exchange rate 3-9x less expensive than bank wires or PayPal. Learn more about International Payouts

Integrations to preserve your current workflows

Lumanu syncs to your existing accounting, CRM, and project management systems so you don’t have to redesign any of your team’s core workflows.

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Save time and cut costs with payouts.

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