Creator Spotlight: Claire Ateku

Creator Spotlight: Claire Ateku
Lumanu Team


Lumanu Team

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In honor of Black History Month, we partnered with four Black creators who are breaking barriers and paving the way for creatives around the world. From launching agencies to working on projects in the metaverse, we sat down with Raymond, Taiwo, Ceej, and Clarie to talk about what it means to make a living as a creator in our series “Creative Commerce.” Check out our spotlight on Claire below.

Claire Ateku is a professional conversationalist – and that’s why we’re so honored to have her as part of our Creative Commerce conversations. As an on-air anchor for Complex News and a self-described “serial networker,” Claire knows what it takes to make it as a creative entrepreneur. 

There’s no doubt she’s a major voice in the cultural conversation, and that makes it all the more inspiring that she’s all about inspiring others and bringing people up with her.

Her advice to up-and-coming creatives is to just go for it. 

“Shoot your shot. Feel free to send a cold DM to someone. Ask someone how they got started. You might not always get a response, but the first step is taking the first step,” Claire shared. “Asking people how they did it is how you can get into rooms.” 

You might follow her on Instagram at first to keep up with her day job, but you’ll stay because her inner glow shines through in every post. You won’t want to miss out on Claire’s next move – be sure to check her out on IG, @claireateku!

Lumanu Team

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