The industry’s first and only solution to manage influencer ads and audiences at scale.

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Save time
& energy

Smart Boost allows you to simply edit and promote live influencer content in minutes.

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Find top-performing ad creative

Develop and advertise dozens of influencer content, audience and ad placement iterations to learn what content drives the best results.

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Simplify Campaign Management

Create and manage influencer ad campaigns directly in Lumanu’s platform then let SmartBoost optimize them for you.

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Rejected Ads

SmartBoost automatically corrects image sizing and warns of restricted copy.

Automated ad
campaign creation.

SmartBoost integrates with any Facebook ad account and simplifies campaign building in just a few clicks. Simply select influencer content and audiences then let SmartBoost do the rest. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes.

Lumanu automated influencer ad buying platform
@unique.marie_ ad campaign and audience optimization

Programmatic influencer ad and audience optimization.

SmartBoost optimizes ad campaigns and allocates more budget to top-performing content and audiences.

How it works

Cut the time you spend configuring campaigns, ad sets and creative by 80% in 5 easy steps:

What Our Users
Are Saying

Nevon Kipperman

Nevon Kipperman

Activate Senior Account Manager, Campaign Execution & Analytics

“We’ve seen amazing results with launching SmartBoost for awareness and have been able to over deliver impressions and engagements across multiple accounts.”

Nycole Hampton, Digital Strategy MWWPR

Nycole Hampton

Group Vice President, Digital Strategy At mwwpr

“Lumanu has been an incredible business tool for MWWPR’s Influencer and Social Media Marketing Practice. The process is incredibly simple; from getting influencer’s advertising permissions set up for boosting to the actual process of boosting their content through SmartBoost… As an agency that boosts all of our influencer campaigns to ensure maximum reach and efficacy, we value having Lumanu as our tool for the process.”

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Lumanu tool for whitelisting advertiser access

Advertising Access

Lumanu is a digital handshake. It’s the first and only automated solution for one-click advertising permission granting – meaning no back and forth to gain access to content.

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Lumanu payment software for influencers


Paying creators should be simple and secure. We eliminate the headache of tracking down invoices and processing tax paperwork.

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Automated media buying for influencer ads

Content Manager

Turn creator content into brand campaigns with a few simple clicks, saving you endless hours of downloading, uploading and obtaining permissions.

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Join hundreds of forward-thinking brands who know just how powerful great creator relationships can be.