Get a bird's eye view of your digital presence.

You've worked hard to grow your personal brand. Lumanu helps you protect it. Take total control of how and where your
content is being used in ads.


View how your content and likeness is
being used in sponsored content.

Icon showing a lock and security.


Flag content to be taken down if you
do not approve of its use

Phone icon for easy navigation


Easily moderate comments on ads that
appear on Facebook and Instagram.

Total transparency.

See performance insights for each individual ad that your brand partner creates using your content and handle.

Full control. That's what makes it possible to take action.


Flag content for questionable use rights and manage review and renewal, if need be. Lumanu will communicate with your brand partner to resolve any concerns.


Easily view, delete and reply to any comment on ads created by your brand partner in one single place. Engage with new potential followers, mute the trolls, and help boost the performance of the ad.

What our users
are saying

King Keraun


“No other tool in the market provides this level of transparency for my content's performance, which is so dope!.”

Steffie Price @steffieinthecity

Steffie Price


“Lumanu is an invaluable component to my business. It makes it easy for me to both grant advertising permissions and provide analytics to brands without compromising the security of my account. With Lumanu, I have full
transparency and control of how exactly my content is used. I also really appreciate that Lumanu provides access to my performance analytics so I can provide case studies to other brands and create more compelling pitches.”

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