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Alyssa Chapman
July 8, 2020
Creator education is an important piece of influencer collaborations. This blog shares the newest creator education feature from Lumanu!

In 2020, we proudly released the ability to use custom invite links that lead to to a Branded Sign Up Page as an upgrade that streamlines the process of inviting creators to collab with your brand through Lumanu. Sharing an in-app generated custom link replaced the need to manually and individually create profiles for each creator who were then invited by email to the platform with the ability to seamlessly invite creators in existing native conversations as easy as click, copy, paste.  

Once the creators receive the link, they are led to a “Branded Sign Up Page” branded with your logo and brand name inviting them to enter their email to get started with the easy Lumanu onboarding process.  

So far, the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive but we still saw more room to improve so today we are releasing the Enhanced Branded Sign Up Page featuring the Creator Education Hub. That’s right, inviting creators to collaborate through Lumanu just got even better!

The Enhanced Branded Sign Up Page is an extended version of the current Branded Sign Up landing page. We have added a Creator Education Hub to the page that features information helpful to your creator network prior to them creating a Lumanu account. This reduces the need for you to prep your influencers on upfront requirements, whitelisting explanations, and also features some great testimonials from other Lumanu creator users.  

The Branded Sign Up Page: Creator Education Hub 

Giving permissions and access rights to a third party site can be intimidating if they are not met with transparency about the process.  Additionally, whitelisting and dark-posting are still relevantly new terms for creators and can induce a lot of exploratory questions and caution.  The Enhanced Branded Sign Up Page was created to remove hesitation and confusion. Ultimately, the Creator Education Hub removes the burden for you to go back and forth to educate the creator and provides a central place where they can get all of the necessary information.  

The Enhanced Branded Sign Up Page and Creator Empowerment Hub is split into 5 easy to digest sections that answers the following:

  1. What is Lumanu and what can a creator expect during the onboarding process
  2. What is required to sign up for Lumanu 
  3. Top Advertiser access FAQs and definitions 
  4. Addressing privacy concerns
  5. Creator testimonials from top Lumanu users 

These five sections were specifically designed from creator feedback to address their top concerns with the goal of creating ease of mind and comfort to proceed with the onboarding flow.  Once a creator has entered their email, they will follow the simple onboarding process of adding their Instagram Professional Account, their linked Facebook Page, and then confirm the collaboration with your brand as detailed in our previous blog announcement.

Lumanu influencer whitelisting

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Alyssa Chapman
Content Marketing Manager
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