NEW: Branded Signup Pages and Custom Invite Links

Alyssa Chapman
April 17, 2020
Lumanu now generates custom sign-up links and branded landing pages for your influencer network.

We know managing an influencer campaign is no joke. You spend hours sourcing, outreaching, negotiating contracts with, and approving creator content for your influencer campaigns. At Lumanu, our goal is to make your job easier while also saving you time and we are constantly reimagining ways to deliver that for you. 

In our efforts to give you increased ease and control, we found that expanding the way in which you can share and manage influencer whitelisting permission requests to meet your needs is essential to the success of your influencer marketing efforts. So, we made a change.

Custom Invite Links and Branded Sign Up Pages

Today, we're announcing a change to the way you invite your creator network to grant whitelisting requests through Lumanu. Now, you can generate a custom invite links that can be easily integrated into existing conversation threads. These links will lead your creators to a Branded Signup Page that is customized with your brand likeness and logo, creating an enhanced collab experience from start to finish. 

Gone are the days where you will be required to manually create influencer profiles in our dashboard and send out email invites in separate email threads. We are making the process of inviting creators to Lumanu seamless to your native and existing dialogues. Let's take a deeper look at what is changing with the new feature!

NEW: Simplified Invite Process 

Previously, to send whitelisting permission requests to influencers through Lumanu, you were required to upload influencers on an individual or per .csv basis to create influencer profiles. This process meant you needed to know several pieces of information about the influencer before sending the invite, such as email, name, Instagram handle or Facebook Page URL.

Now, with custom Branded Signup Page invite links, there is no need to upload each influencer to your Lumanu Influencer Manager and only requires you to know the email address for each influencer. Custom invite links allow you to request influencer permissions however works best for you.

Simply click “Invite Influencer” in the Lumanu Influencer Manager, copy your team’s custom link, and share!

Easy Integration to Existing Workflows

In removing the need to create Lumanu profiles for each of your influencers, we’ve unlocked an entirely new way to integrate whitelisting permissions requests into your existing workflows. No matter how you currently communicate with your influencers, your custom link can be used.

Share Links Within your Existing Conversations

The new custom invite links allow you to communicate natively with influencers or talent managers within existing conversations. This reduces the need to have multiple places where the invite will live and reduces the number of email threads you need to manage.  

Share Links through a CRM or email automation software

Since you are no longer required to import your existing influencer network to Lumanu, you now have the opportunity to use any CRM tool or email automation software to invite influencers to sign up. This makes the invite process fast and easy to mass invite in ways you are already familiar with and leveraging on existing tools.  

Updated: Creator Manager Views

With this update to the invite flow, we have also made a change to how you will view your creators within your Lumanu Creator Manager. Only influencers who have accepted your invite request and uploaded social channels to their Lumanu profile will appear in your Creator Manager. This allows you to easily see only which creator’s have accepted the invite and started the account creation process. If a creator has not started uploading social channels to their Lumanu account, they will not appear in the Creator Manager.

If an influencer has a 'yellow badge', this means he/she has broken the advertising connection

In the creator manager if you notice a yellow badge, this creator at one time confirmed the collaboration and authenticated her Instagram and Facebook channels. However, she has broken the advertising connection by removing the advertising permissions outside of the Lumanu app, unlinking her Facebook Page from her Instagram account, and/or switching her Instagram account back to a personal profile.

If you see this yellow badge on an influencer profile that you are trying to run ads through contact and our team will provide you with next steps to fix the connection.

NEW: Branded Landing Pages and Creator Onboarding Flow

Once an influencer clicks on the shared link, they will be redirected to your team’s Branded Sign Up Page. Branded Sign Up Pages are custom to your team and have the brand’s logo and likeness to personalize the creator’s experience. Since you are no longer required to upload IG handles and FB Page URLs, creators will now just simply enter an email to create their Lumanu account, choose social channels to add their profile and approve the collab. 

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Alyssa Chapman
Content Marketing Manager
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