NEW: Branded Ad Alerts for Creators

Alyssa Chapman
January 10, 2020
Lumanu launches a new feature to alert creators when brands create ads using their Facebook/Instagram accounts.

As advertisers continue to turn to creators for compelling content, it's important that you have insight into how your content and social accounts are being used during brand collaborations.

With 76% of creators saying they’ve been asked to grant advertiser access to brand partners, it’s more important than ever for you to know what ads are brands are running using your social accounts. Very few brands actually tell creators what the ads look like ahead of time, which is an alarming lack of transparency! It’s your account after all, shouldn’t you know what ads are running? 

Introducing Lumanu Branded Ad Alerts

Lumanu will now send you an email alert whenever a brand with advertiser access (also known as whitelisting access) creates a branded ad using your account.

While you’ve always been able to see how brands are using your account and content in your Lumanu Dashboard, sometimes logging into our app is not convenient. With Branded Ad Notifications, you’ll now get that information on a daily basis right to your email inbox!

What do Brand Ad Alerts help you do?

Our goal with this feature is simple: provide you with a tool that allows you to know how brands are using your content and accounts in branded ads. How you use this information is entirely up to you!

  • Monitor Ad Edits - it is common that creators give brands permission to make copy edits or creative alterations when creating ads. Use the Branded Ad Alerts to ensure you’re okay with any potential edits. If you disagree with any edits, you can message your brand partner directly in Lumanu before the ad is widely seen.
  • Manage comments on ads - quickly access ad links for each ad a brand has created to moderate comments with ease.

Tell us what you think!

We are always looking to improve our product to meet our users’ needs and value feedback from our community. Please let us know what you think about this feature and share any suggestions you have to further improve your Lumanu experience! 

Alyssa Chapman
Content Marketing Manager
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