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Lumanu Named Facebook Premium Partner

Alyssa Chapman
August 27, 2019
We are thrilled to announce that only 2 months after Lumanu was named a Facebook Marketing Partner, Facebook has recognized Lumanu as a Premium Partner.

We are thrilled to announce that only 2 months after Lumanu was named a Facebook Marketing Partner, Facebook has recognized Lumanu as a Premium Partner.  

Facebook Marketing Partners is a highly exclusive tiered benefits program, designed to fuel growth by providing teams with exclusive tools, resources, and education in one digital platform. As a Premium Partner, the highest-level tier, Lumanu has access to a wide variety of resources that will help us service and drive better results for our clients.  

These benefits include:

  • Advanced Measurement Tools: Lumanu will work directly with the Facebook Measurement Sciences team to give our clients unparalleled access to measurement capabilities for Influencer Media activations. Qualified activations will also have minimum spend thresholds waived for Brand Lift and Sales Lift studies

  • Co-hosted Events: Lumanu and Facebook will jointly host events in the Facebook New York office to talk about the amazing results seen by brands who are investing in Influencer Media. Lumanu, our partners, and our clients will share best practices around media buying and optimizations, influencer activations, creative transformations, and usage rights negotiations.

  • Joint collaboration on the Facebook API: Lumanu will work closely with the Facebook Solutions team to ensure Lumanu clients and partners have the most complete set of capabilities through the Lumanu platform as it relates to audience creation, media and creative optimizations, and usage rights / permissions sharing.
  • Virtual and Live Training: Best practice training and virtual workshops from the Blueprint, Creative Shop, and Marketing Science teams for qualified Lumanu brand and agency partners. Training can take place over video or in person at one of Facebook’s offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

In 2017, Lumanu pioneered Influencer Media as a new media category. Since then, Lumanu has grown rapidly and has now impacted over $30 million in Influencer Media spend over the last 6 months. This is a huge milestone for Lumanu and highlights our platform’s proven ability to deliver great results and maximize the effectiveness and shelf-life of influencer content.

We look forward to continuing this great momentum and building a more fair and transparent industry for both advertisers and the content creators that are powering the future of consumer marketing.

Lumanu team at the Facebook Marketing Partner event in NYC (left) and Chicago (right)

Check us out on the Facebook Marketing Partner directory. 

Alyssa Chapman
Content Marketing Manager
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