How to Get the Most out of Lumanu EarlyPay

Lauren Russo
July 7, 2021
Lumanu EarlyPay offers creators and freelancers financial freedom and the option to get paid on their terms. With the lowest fees in the industry, EarlyPay gets creators paid for their brand collaborations instantly.

Lumanu is not only the best way to invoice, track, and get paid as a content creator or freelancer (sorry PayPal) but with Lumanu EarlyPay, creators finally have the option to get paid when they want to. 

There is nothing more frustrating than entering into a collaboration or a gig with a client, completing the deliverables, and then having to wait what feels like an arbitrary amount of days to get paid due to the client’s company policy or net payments terms.  Many creators have reported having to wait 30, 60, even 90 days to get paid for work they already finished or posted for a client! 

Luckily, when you use Lumanu, you have the option to take control and get paid on your terms. Skip the wait with Lumanu EarlyPay and fast forward to payday without disrupting your brand’s preferred payment processes. 

To learn more about EarlyPay check out our previous blog that dives into how it works and how it is the best possible solution when it comes to dealing with a client’s unavoidable net payment terms. 

So, why has Lumanu been called the “game-changer of all game-changers” for creative freelancers by full-time creators like Jamila Reddy?

EarlyPay makes me feel safe. I have access to the money immediately. Lumanu EarlyPay enables me to be able to manage my finances and also manage my life in a way that's empowered. Lumanu EarlyPay is a game-changer of all game-changers. I can just breathe…..
It feels really empowering to be able to, to just have the money on hand, I can just be like, "it's done, it's done and now I can just live my life". 
- Jamila Reddy, Lifestyle Designer, 34K followers

Lumanu believes creators should be able to achieve financial freedom doing what lights them up-- and part of achieving financial freedom as a creator means having more control and access to your cash flow.  

Tik Toker and talent manager Josh Sadowski explains how EarlyPay not only gives you the freedom to get paid on your own terms, but it can substantially alleviate the stress involved and strain on your relationship with your client that can occur when you constantly have to follow up and remind them to pay you on time. 

 EarlyPay makes it easier for creators to get paid upfront, there's no more waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get your money. It can get really stressful when you're having to remind the brand over and over again so Lumanu kind of acts almost like a collections department to make sure that you're getting the money that you deserve in a timely manner.” 
- Josh Sadowski, Tik Tok Star, 4.6M followers

Use Lumanu EarlyPay when: 

  • A brand hits you with the lengthy net payment terms. 
  • You don’t want to deal with the hassle or possibility of a brand not paying you on time.
  • Life happens and you or your family experience any sort of personal emergency or incident where you need access to your cash before the negotiated due-date on your invoice. 
  • You are short on cash for bills that month but you know you have money coming. 
  • You need the cash to pay your staff or any hired help like make-up artists, photographers, etc. who you fronted money to ahead of time to be able to produce your amazing content. 
  • You need cash to reinvest into your creator business rent or buy new equipment to level up and help you continue to produce amazing content and take on more gigs sooner.
  • You need cash upfront to travel for gigs and won’t be expensed until later. 
  • You just don’t want to wait! You don’t need a reason, you earned it! 

The best cash advance app solution available to creators

Lumanu is for creators, all creators: Lumanu is custom built with creators of all niches and types in mind. We understand the challenges you face and we built a full platform to help you run your creator business with ease. 

  1. Affordable: Sending invoices with Lumanu is free and we offer the lowest rates in the industry for getting paid early with EarlyPay.
  1. Simple: Lumanu simplifies the process of getting paid so you can focus less of your attention on the boring administrative tasks and more on creating.   Sending invoices with Lumanu and using EarlyPay is fast and streamlined.  We use smart automated processes where it makes sense and give you human attention to guide you through the process to make getting paid with EarlyPay as painless as possible. 

  1. Convenient: Not only does your Lumanu assistant communicate with you over text just like a close friend, but we also don’t require any extra transfer steps or fees to get your money into your bank account.  We never hold a balance.  Once you are paid,  your money goes instantly to your bank account.  
  1. Peace of mind: Never worry about delayed missing payments again.  With Lumanu EarlyPay you get to decide what day is payday.  Once you get paid, we handle everything with your brand partner.  You are free to spend the cash and we will handle collecting the payment from your client on your behalf as a professional and friendly assistant character.  Your brand gets to keep their regular payment terms and processes and you get to access your cash on your own terms. 
  1. Financial Freedom: With Lumanu, we don’t force or obligate any usage of our products.  You get to decide what invoices to use EarlyPay on and which ones you are comfortable waiting for.  When you have control and options over when you get paid, you experience the benefits of financial freedom as a freelancer.  

Ready to get started with Lumanu EarlyPay?  Login and request access today.  Have questions? Hit us up at

Lauren Russo
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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