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How to Solve the Creator Payment Problem

Alyssa Chapman
January 5, 2021
Getting paid on time is incredibly important for all digital content creators. Yet, the processes associated with creator payments are some of the most frustrating parts of the business. Lumanu solves these issues and provides the lowest fees in the industry.

The Problem with Creator Payments

Getting paid can be confusing, tedious, and lacks standardized processes. There’s a ton of ambiguity around what is actually the best, or right way to pay creators. On top of that, every brand’s preferred payment method and the process is different. While some brands may require tax forms or for you to become an approved vendor in their internal system, other brands may opt to pay you out directly through PayPal, which presents its own set of risky and confusing challenges.

The uncertainty of not knowing how you will be paid, negotiating payment processing fees, manually creating invoices, dealing with tax paperwork, and sometimes enduring a brand’s confusing “vendor onboarding process” is not only mentally draining, but it distracts your energy away from doing what you truly love: Creating amazing, compelling and authentic content. 

Lumanu is the Solution 

You deserve to get paid easier, quicker, and more securely by your brand partner. Lumanu is built for creators that work in collaboration with brand partners, revolutionizing the way creators request, track, and collect payment for brand collaborations.

Lumanu eliminates all of the most common payment-related headaches without having to break the bank.  Getting you paid faster and easier with the lowest fees in the industry.

  • Fast- Get paid up to 20 days sooner when Lumanu streamlines the follow-up, tax paperwork, and vendor onboarding processes. 
  • Easy - Create a professional invoice in seconds. 
  • Low Fees:  Never pay more than $10 for convenience fees.
  • Secure: Eliminate the need to share your sensitive information with brands.  

Keep more of your money

Lumanu gets you paid quickly and easily, with no convenience fees and no monthly subscription costs. We're the only payment solution that limits fees to ensure creators take home more from each paycheck.

How it works

Lumanu makes getting paid easy for you and your brand partners.

How to send a Payment Request with Lumanu: 

Requesting payment via Lumanu makes getting paid by ANY brand partner simple.  Send your brand partner a payment request at the time that you would normally send an invoice.  Lumanu uses your payment request to automatically create an invoice that is sent to your brand partner and accessible by email.   Your brand partner will have several payment options and will NOT need to create a Lumanu account in order to pay you.   

To learn more about Lumanu feel free to email or join our waitlist!

Alyssa Chapman
Content Marketing Manager
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