How to Earn More Money using Lumanu Insights

Lauren Russo
June 15, 2020
Learn how to use past brand collaboration data get paid more from brands by pitching whitelisting and content usage right extensions.

In this blog, we have pulled together our favorite tips on how to use your Lumanu Insights to not only wow current and future brand partners but have that translate into dollars in your pocket! 

First things first, let’s do a quick pep talk.  Here is a daily affirmation: 

  • If you are a creator who has done whitelisting in the past and is familiar with the process/ strategy, you are advanced! 
  • If you are a creator who has the insight to your performance data, you are ahead of the rest! 
  • If you can leverage compelling data when communicating with your brand partner, they will have an easier time rationalizing why investing in your content will help them get closer to their goals!  This makes you a PRO! 

All of this makes you stand out, and not only earns you respect as a professional content creator, but can help you earn more money. Use the Lumanu Insights dashboard to showcase the following:

Pro Tips on how to use your Lumanu Insights dashboard to Earn More Money: 

Pitch Whitelisting deals to brands that may not be considering it as a marketing strategy

More and more brands are implementing whitelisting as a part of their influencer and paid advertising strategy and that's because it works. Brands who whitelist influencer content to strategically tap into targeted audiences are seeing a 128% greater return on their advertising dollars than they receive from brand ads. 

Whitelisting influencer content to be used as branded ads is a win-win for you and the brand. However, you may find yourself being the one opening up the brand’s eyes to the magical world of whitelisting if they haven’t heard of it before. 

Now is your time to really shine.  Impress future brand partners with your knowledge of the industry and showcase that you have experience working with other established brands who have maximized the lifespan on your content by using it as branded content through your handle to drive lower-funnel results. You can refer them to our blog on how to amplify influencer content with paid media which gives a potential brand partner all the deets on why this is an amazing use of funds.

The more collaborations with whitelisting in the contract, the more you can earn when you charge for advertiser access and usage rights.  With your Insights dashboard, you'll be able to approach pitching whitelisting as a strategy like a pro. 

Approach Brands you have already worked with to use your content again or extend their usage terms

Lumanu's Creator App is a great resource for you to keep track of all the brands who have used your content in a sponsored post in the past. Use your Lumanu Insights dashboard (a deep dive into how to navigate it here) to see a breakdown of brands who used your content in paid ads. Then, reach out to those partners to suggest you work together on a whitelisting collab again or offer terms to extend the usage rates rights for the content.

Pro Tip: Brands usually get new funding around the start of each new quarter to hit their seasonal goals, so this is a perfect time to reach out! This is an ideal time for e-commerce brands whose products align with gift-giving holidays and they may need some extra ads to drive sales!  (

  • Q1= January-March
  • Q2=April-June
  • Q3= July-September
  • Q4= October- December

3. Use Your Insights Dashboard Data to become a more Confident Negotiator!  

Lumanu wants you to feel empowered to ask for the rates that you think are fair.  Negotiating can be hard, confusing, and sometimes just downright awkward, but you should never compromise what you are worth.  Using data can help take the awkwardness out of negotiations and if your numbers are impressive enough, make investing more in you a no brainer for a brand. 

With your Lumanu Insights dashboard, you can use the Estimated Conversions metric to show brands that based on your historical performance of driving clicks that turn into conversions.  This can help a brand get a directional sense of what type of ROI they can expect from working with you. 

We use the industry rule of thumb that on average 2% of paid clicks result in conversions.  You can use our metric as a directional metric to have a more lower-funnel conversation with a brand to help back up why you deserve the amount you are asking for. 

Even better yet, ask your brand partner this: “On average, what percentage of clicks from your influencer ads turn into conversions for you?”.  Use their percentage in combination with your “Paid” clicks metric to be able to speak directly to their goals.  They will be impressed.  Trust us. 

Tell us what you think!

Have you tried any of these?  Did they work? We would love to hear about it! Drop us a note at and tell us your story.  We will feature you as a pro on our website, brand newsletter, and more! 

Lauren Russo
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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