Building End-to-End Seamless – and Painless – Relationships with Content Creators

Guest Contributor
August 9, 2021
Lumanu is the easiest and fastest way for brands to build relationships with creators and keep them strong. This frees everyone up to focus on shared goals – and create content that soars

For many brands, building, nurturing and maintaining content creator relationships has become a major operation. Not only do marketing teams need to work with creators to set strategy for their content, but a brand’s financial staff also has to traffic invoices and pay creators on time in order to maintain these relationships. With both sides of the partnership happy, relationships stay productive – and fruitful – for all parties.

Additionally, for as many moving parts as brands have, creators also have to manage several elements of their brand relationships – some of which are more significant pain points than others. For instance, many creators don’t have the kind of experience with 1099s and invoices that make it easy to manage payments or administrative tasks. The back-and-forth of asset management can also distract creators from focusing on the bigger picture of brand engagement. Issues like these can get in the way of letting creators do what they do best: make content that tells amazing stories about a brand or product.

“What a lot of brands don’t realize is that sometimes creators have some hurdles and things that they need to get through in order to have a better relationship with the brands,” says Blake Michael, a leading creator with more than one million Instagram followers. And, adds Blake, smoother relationships make for more satisfied content creators, who can do their best work.

There are several ways to manage these pain points, and ultimately strengthen a brand’s relationship with content creators. Providing creators with an all-in-one solution that handles content collaboration and financial and relationship management lays the foundation for productive relationships that breed happy creators and eventual brand evangelists.

Download our playbook to read on and learn how to streamline process for better collaborations with yours content creator partners.

Guest Contributor
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