Balancing Brand Relationships and Online Security

Ellery Kemner
June 27, 2019

As social media collaborations have become more prominent, they have also become more intimate. Gone are the days of posting a photo, tagging your respective brand partner, and receiving payment. Today’s social media collaborations are thorough: from sponsored posts to story takeovers, bio links to coupon codes, every possible method of influencer advertising seems to be accounted for. And it makes sense that brands are in love with influencers: you are trusted by your followers, have a unique voice, and are dedicated to putting out the best content you can every day. Of course they want to partner with you! 

But just because you and your brands are buddy-buddy now doesn’t mean you have to share everything with them - keep your password to yourself! Yes, we are really telling you that it’s okay to say “No” to multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations. 

It’s not altogether uncommon for brands to ask for login information. But why do brands want your password anyways?

  1. It’s essential that they see your insights,
  2. it’s helpful to both of you if they can moderate your comments,
  3. and they can easily set up ads manager (meaning they can run promotions under your handle, without those promotions showing up on your profile) if they have access to your account. 

But all of these benefits are achievable without giving away your login info. You should never feel like you need to risk your online security or juggle the logistics of multiple brands on your account.

So, what are your options? How can you say “No” to sharing your credentials and still offer your brand partner the value they need? Well, there are three great options that we’ve outlined below.

1. Manage the relationship manually

a) For paid amplifications, offer to run the media yourself, adhering to the brand’s targeting requirements. Receive payment in advance of every promotion you run- then run the promotion as the brand wishes (proper audiences, length of time, and investment levels), paid from your own wallet. 

b) For results: Take screenshots of your post and story insights.

Offering to run everything yourself is the easiest response when a brand asks for your password, but requires the most effort and communication throughout the length of your contract. Something to note is that your brand partner might be trying to run large campaigns that push viewers to click on a specific page. If that’s their goal, this tactic might not be right for your collaboration. However, this is a great option when new to working with brands, as you have full control over everything that happens on your page. 

2. Tag the brand in the post(s) via the Branded Content Tool 

Using the Branded Content Tool means you give your brand partners permission to turn specific posts of yours into ads. No password sharing, no logistical nightmare, just full transparency. Read more about the ins and outs of Branded Content here. This will give them capabilities that don’t exist in the option above. 

3. SocialCert from Lumanu

As humbly as possible, we recommend ourselves. We created SocialCert to give brands the insight they need to run campaigns well, but most of all to give influencers full visibility and understanding of the entire process. No giving away your password, and more in-depth stats on your posts than Instagram will ever give you. We are a certified Facebook Marketing Partner who believes that influencer marketing deserves every bell and whistle it can get, without ever giving the powerhouse creators (that’s you) the short end of the stick. 

An end to this article is hardly needed, so we will keep it short. You are offering a service to the brands you work with, and giving away your credentials is never required to perform that service. Choose from the above alternatives to ensure that privacy and security for you, campaign results for them, and a healthy collaboration for both of you is possible.

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