Prove the value of your content. Let's show it off.

The Lumanu Insights dashboard provides an exclusive performance summary so you can see how your content is moving the needle for your brand partner in their Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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Understand how your content performs in paid ads so that you can better communicate your value to future brands partners.

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Pitch advertiser access to your brand partners on your rate card and in your service offerings to maximize your earnings.

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Be a more effective partner by helping brands unlock more powerful ways to leverage your content.

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Approach pitches, negotiations, and strategy discussions with certainty when you use data from Lumanu Insights to showcase your value.

Understand and prove
your impact.

Lumanu Insights helps you understand the performance metrics that brands care about most. It allows you to communicate your value in a compelling way by showcasing real data.

How can you use Lumanu Insights to impress prospective brand partners?

Show that other brands are willing to invest to amplify your content to new audiences.
Present high-quality content that resonates with audiences beyond your loyal followers.
Prove that your content has the ability to increase purchase intent and drive conversions.
Brands amplifying content to. drive purchases
Influencer images, stand out - and earn more money

Stand out - and earn
more money.

The influencer industry is crowded. We have a way to stand out, earn more money, and enjoy smoother collaborations.

Lumanu helps you use your performance data to tell stories about your best campaigns. Maximize current partnerships, negotiate better compensation, and curate powerful pitches for approaching new partners.

Prove to your prospects that you and your work are well worth the investment. The insights make the difference.

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What our users
are saying

Influencer Ariel Mullen @arielmullen

Ariel Mullen


“Being a content creator/influencer is more than just creating content. It's running your own business. Lumanu has completely elevated that way I run my business and has saved me so much time and money.”

George Laboda, @atlasandmason

George Laboda


“Lumanu makes it easy for me to pitch myself to brands. As boosting becomes more and more popular for brand work, being able to provide data and statistics is key to landing gigs. And Lumanu makes it easy to collaborate with my brand partners too! Managing requests for collaborations and having full visibility into the campaign data is a fantastic perk that I never had before.”

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