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We make creator collaborations easier. Smoother. Better.

Lumanu’s innovative solutions simplify the creator-brand partnership from start to finish. That way you can focus on building relationships with creators, amplifying impactful content, reaching new audiences and growing revenue.

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  • Growth Marketers

  • Influencer Managers

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Trusted by hundreds of leading brands and agencies


Our innovative features make it easy to collaborate with top creators in your industry.

Lumanu payment software for influencers


Paying creators should be simple and secure. We eliminate the headache of tracking down invoices and processing tax paperwork.

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Lumanu tool for whitelisting advertiser access

Advertising Access

Easily create branded influencer ads and lookalike audiences. We save you hours with the only solution that allows creators to grant permissions in one click. 

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Influencer asset manager

Content Manager

Manage all of your creator content in one convenient dashboard. Lumanu automatically surfaces and tags content as it's posted on social media by your creators.

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Automated media buying for influencer ads


Say goodbye to Facebook Ads Manager. Use our groundbreaking new tool to automate and easily launch branded influencer ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

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Join the hundreds of forward-thinking brands who know just how powerful great creator relationships can be.

What our users
are saying

Jennine Matthias, TechStyle

Jennine Matthias

Senior Director, Influencer Marketing at Techstyle

“Influencer marketing is an amazing channel for content and awareness, but it’s also rapidly maturing into a true performance media channel. Lumanu helped to pioneer the shift and as a result, have built technology that makes this channel effective and safe for both advertisers and influencers.”

Chris Phillips, CEO Mizzen+Main

Chris Phillips

CEO at mizzen + Main

“The results from using influencer media on Facebook and partnering with Lumanu exceeded our expectations. Prior to the testing with Lumanu, the return on influencer campaigns had been difficult to measure and scale. With Lumanu, we are able to scale our influencer initiative and optimize our spend based on full-funnel metrics.”

Leanne Perice, Music Brand Talent Agency

Leanne Perice

Founder at music brand talent agency

“As whitelisting and boosting become more common, Lumanu has been invaluable to me and my influencers. Lumanu makes it easy to complete whitelisting requests, while also giving me visibility and data I’ve never had before.”

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