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Lumanu has helped 1,000s of brands scale and optimize their influencer marketing programs through whitelisting automation. Onboard creative talent in just 3 simple steps!

Grant Advertising Access through Lumanu

We take care of the rest. No time consuming onboarding or mountains of paperwork.

Create an account

Just enter an email and password

Enter Social Channels

Add Instagram and Facebook Page

Confirm brand collaboration

Grants ad permissions by brand

Whitelisting permissions with one click

Reduce influencer onboarding headaches


Automate advertising access

Easily-share brand requests and simplify influencer permission .


Access to influencer audiences

Customize and access untapped influencer audiences


New branded content ad integration

Reduce audience fatigue and drive sales through branded content

Whitelisting is evolving

Whitelisting is a critical tool to help your brand test and continue to reiterate on your influencer marketing strategy. With full control over targeting, your brand can better measure against your marketing objectives, whether you’re looking to reach new audiences, boost page views or drive sales.

Organic content at your fingertips

Edit and approve influencer organic content (including IG stories!) for dark posts in one dashboard. easy access. Real-time organic metrics

Generate and manger organic content

Simple influencer permission management

One-click URL generation to invite influencers to authenticate. Curated dashboard with visual cues to show who accepted and more.

easily grant Permissions

Native integration with FB ad accounts

Influencer identities, creative and audiences automatically flow directly into your Facebook Ads Manager. Influencer ads convert 3X better than ads from brand handles.

FB ad manger integrations

Access Untapped Influencer Audiences

Don’t just rely on organic post to deliver results. Compare influencer performance within different audiences. Target engaged, lookalike, and custom groups.

Untapped audiences with whitelisting


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