What is EarlyPay?

How does it work?

How does my Lumanu assistant confirm if my invoice is correct? 

Before we send money to your bank account, we may need to verify that your invoice is correct and you have completed collab deliverables.

There are 3 ways we confirm if an invoice is correct:

How does Lumanu let my Brand Partner know I am using EarlyPay?

We’ll send your brand partner a “notice of assignment” to let them know we’ve bought the invoice from you along with instructions on how to pay. The notice of assignment is a friendly email to let your client know you have elected to transfer your receivable to Lumanu, Inc. (“Lumanu”) in accordance with Article 9-406(a) of the Uniform Commercial Code “UCC”.

How much does EarlyPay cost?

The cost of EarlyPay varies based on who you are as a creator and who is paying Your EarlyPay fee is based on due date of the invoice, who the payor is, and your usage history. The cost of EarlyPay varies based on these factors and it will never be more than 9%.

What if my client ALSO pays me, after I already got paid by Lumanu via EarlyPay?

At this time, we kindly ask you let us know if your client pays you directly. If it happens, we’ll give you instructions to send the amount back to Lumanu via PayPal. Thanks!

What happens if the client never ends up paying Lumanu?

If your client ends up not paying your invoice, but you’ve already been paid by Lumanu, don’t worry about it! We’ll figure it out on our end with your client.

Have questions not answered above? Just email creators@lumanu.com!