Creators FAQs


Lumanu believes creators deserve better tools to run thriving businesses. Lumanu offers technology and personal support that empowers creators to focus more on doing what they love. Lumanu’s tools were built by creators, for creators. We streamline collaborations so you can build your brand and grow your business.  

Check out all of Lumanu’s creator tools to learn more about how Lumanu helps protect creators’ content and personal brands, collaborate with more clarity, earn more money with transparent insights, and get paid faster and easier for their work. 

Lumanu recognizes that in order to improve the collaboration experience for creators, we need to innovate for both sides of the relationship. Lumanu works with the top brands and agencies providing technology that makes it easier for brands to work with more creators at once and see more return on their creator campaigns. We help brands safely and efficiently leverage creator content in paid ads and provide brands with tools that make it easier to pay creators on time.

Right now Lumanu is an invite-only.  However, you can sign up for the waitlist here.  

Getting Started

Can my talent manager create an account for me?
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Yes, if your talent manager has admin access to your Facebook Page, they are able to create a Lumanu account on your behalf.

If I switch to an Instagram Professional Account, will I lose my verified checkmark?
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Switching to an Instagram Professional Account will not result in any changes to your verified status. For more detailed information on Instagram Professional accounts, check out this help article.

Do I need a business manager in order to grant advertising access via Lumanu?
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Nope! Lumanu does not require that you have a Business Manager.

For Existing Users

How can I see the ads my brands partners are running from my accounts?
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To see all ads that Lumanu brand partners are running through your handle, log in to your account at and navigate to the “Protection” page.

Where can I reach out if I have questions about whitelisting, my Lumanu account, etc?
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Our Customer Experience team is eager to help answer any questions you may have! Feel free to email us at

Can I use the same Lumanu account for multiple brand collaborations?
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Yes! The great thing about Lumanu is that you can mange all of your brand collaborations in one place.