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Getting Started

What is the best way to introduce Lumanu to influencers?

Explaining Lumanu to creators is simple! Please see this help article for a full breakdown of contract and email language.

Does Lumanu help me find influencers?

No, to ensure performance and privacy we are a bring your own influencer technology. We won’t market your hard-earned influencer relationships to other brands.

Does Lumanu handle influencer contracts?

No, you can contract with influencers just as you are now.

Is Lumanu’s Advertising Access feature different from boosting?

Yes, our solution is not simply boosting an organic post. By using Lumanu, you are able to incorporate your paid media best practices, including editing, A/B testing, mixing and matching content formats, and audience building.

How much does Lumanu cost?

We have a simple monthly subscription. To find a plan that meets your needs, schedule a demo.

For Existing Users

What does the yellow badge mean on the creator’s image?

There may be a disruption with the access to this creator’s social channels. To learn more about how to fix this issue, please read this help article, or contact

How do I add new team members to my Lumanu account?

Adding new team member is easy! Please reach out to with your request.

A creator has granted ad access, why am I not seeing them populate in Ads Manager yet?