Brand FAQs


What products does Lumanu offer for brands?
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Lumanu offers four solutions for brands working with creator partners. As a pioneer in the influencer advertising space, Lumanu has the first and only automated whitelisting solution. Brands who use our whitelisting solution also get access to our Content Manager and SmartBoost, a programatic ad buying platform that allows marketers to quickly create branded influencer campaigns. Finally, Lumanu offers a payment solution ideal for brands paying creators for their partnerships.

Getting Started

What is the best way to introduce Lumanu to influencers?
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Explaining Lumanu to creators is simple! Please see this help article for a full breakdown of contract and email language.

Does Lumanu help me find influencers?
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No, to ensure performance and privacy we are a bring your own influencer technology. We won’t market your hard-earned influencer relationships to other brands.

Does Lumanu handle influencer contracts?
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No, you can contract with influencers just as you are now.

Is Lumanu’s Advertising Access feature different from boosting?
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Yes, our solution is not simply boosting an organic post. By using Lumanu, you are able to incorporate your paid media best practices, including editing, A/B testing, mixing and matching content formats, and audience building.

How much does Lumanu cost?
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We have a simple monthly subscription. To find a plan that meets your needs, schedule a demo.

For Existing Users

What does the yellow badge mean on the creator’s image?
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There may be a disruption with the access to this creator’s social channels. To learn more about how to fix this issue, please read this help article, or contact

How do I add new team members to my Lumanu account?
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Adding new team member is easy! Please reach out to with your request.

A creator has granted ad access, why am I not seeing them populate in Ads Manager yet?
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