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About PMG Worldwide

Founded by Dustin Parker, PMG Worldwide offers a full-service talent management firm, brand consultancy, and media production/ventures. With 10+ years of industry expertise across public relations, media & event productions, and talent management, the team brings innovation and creativity to the forefront of its relationships with top talent, enabling them to turn their passions into thriving careers and businesses. 

PMG Worldwide is setting the standard for working with diverse voices and driving results to empower the next generation of creators to get paid on their own terms.

How PMG Worldwide uses Lumanu EarlyPay to solve the challenges of paying their creators on time 

PMG Worldwide knows the importance of building trust in relationships with its creators. Reliable payments lead to reliable partnerships between agencies and influencers and the production of high-quality content. That’s why PMG Worldwide made the transition to Lumanu. 

Since onboarding to Lumanu, PMG Worldwide has paid out hundreds of creators using Payment Splitting, Push Payments, and EarlyPay – with EarlyPay giving them a significant competitive advantage when working with the top creators. Lumanu’s EarlyPay allows agencies and the creators they work with to get paid earlier than the standard 30- and 60-day payment terms once they’ve completed campaign deliverables. EarlyPay eliminates the time their team spends tracking down invoices and communicating back-and-forth between their clients and creators to chase any late or missing payments. 

EarlyPay is almost like having a dedicated collections agent for your agency. With automated payment reminders, Lumanu ensures agencies and creators receive payments on time so you can focus on the more essential aspects of servicing clients. 

How PMG Worldwide automates payments to their creators with Payment Splitting

With Payment Splitting, the team can automatically pay their creators when they invoice a brand or a client, ensuring their creators get paid when they do. By automating payments, the team spends less time following up with their accounting department and responding to frustrated creators, and more time focusing on the creative side of their business.  

How Lumanu can work for you

Are you ready to spend more time winning new business and less time on administrative tasks related to payments? Join PMG Worldwide and hundreds of other agencies who have leveraged Payment Splitting and EarlyPay to streamline their back office operations, and keep their talent happy. Our strategists are ready to talk to you about how we can help grow your business.

How PMG Worldwide Has Scaled Globally and Keeps Its Talent Happy with Lumanu’s EarlyPay and Payment Splitting

How PMG Worldwide Has Scaled Globally and Keeps Its Talent Happy with Lumanu’s EarlyPay and Payment Splitting

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