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About DIME Beauty Co

DIME Beauty Co is a force to reckon with in the clean beauty movement. Reaching 1 million customers, DIME Beauty Co is luxury skincare, wellness, and beauty made with clean and sustainable ingredients. Husband and wife duo Ryan and Baylee Relf founded the company in 2018 to provide clean, optimized skincare at an affordable price for women of all ages. 

In only four years, the company has significantly shaken up the beauty industry, bringing sustainability to the forefront of its product offerings. Today, DIME has launched over 20 vegan & cruelty-free products and is available in Ulta Beauty stores nationwide. 

To keep up with its exponential growth in the last few years, this fast-growing beauty brand needed an efficient and cost-effective way to streamline and manage payments to its influencers in the United States and globally. 

Why Lumanu?

Scott Morris, Financial Planner at DIME Beauty Co, oversees the company’s accounting, tax management, and communications teams. 

Morris is also responsible for payments related to influencer marketing. After spending hours onboarding vendors, processing and scheduling invoices, and managing payments, Scott recognized their team needed a speedier solution. Other alternatives, like ACH/wire transfers and PayPal, proved manual and tedious. They needed a cost-effective solution that would save them time and help them scale their business by automating payments and handling vendor onboarding and tax compliance. 

How Lumanu automates payments to hundreds of DIME Beauty Co creators

Since discovering Lumanu, the beauty brand has been able to pay hundreds of its creators quickly and seamlessly with a push of a button. With Lumanu’s dashboard, the right people can delegate and approve payments to influencers in the U.S. and internationally in 37 countries. When working with hundreds of influencers on a single campaign, it’s easy to pay them out in a single click automatically without having to collect additional information from them. 

Inviting their existing and new influencers to Lumanu saved them 20 hours per week in all the back and forth related to vendor setup. Lumanu handles all vendor and tax paperwork to help relieve teams like Scott’s of the headaches of administrative tasks related to getting 1099 employees into payment processes. Since onboarding their creators to Lumanu, their marketing and finance team have scaled their payments and can pay out hundreds of creators at once.

What DIME Beauty Co has to say

“At DIME Beauty Co, we have a robust influencer marketing program. Paying our global roster of influencer talent with Lumanu was markedly easier and less expensive than doing so through Paypal or bank transfers,” said Scott Morris, financial planner and Lumanu customer. “Not only did it simplify the payments process for our busy team and provide measurable cost savings, but our creators are also happy to be able to withdraw money in their local currency automatically and more easily.”

How DIME Beauty Co Scales its Monthly Payments to Creators

How DIME Beauty Co Scales its Monthly Payments to Creators

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