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With quick, hassle-free invoicing and payments, we help boost your freelance business.

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Being your own boss has never been easier. You already have the talent and drive it takes to freelance. Now, we’ll help you run the business side with simple, reliable invoicing and payments.

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Fast, free invoicing

Send a professional invoice as fast as you send a text message, with zero fees.

Automatic payment reminders

Your client is automatically sent payment reminders. No chasing or manual follow-up necessary.

Instant money in your pocket

Never wait 30, 60 or 90 days for payment from a brand client again. Cash out your invoice instantly with Lumanu EarlyPay.

I quit my day job last year to pursue my work as a transformational life coach full time, and I’ve been using Lumanu, which is a simple and uncomplicated way to get paid for your work. What I love about Lumanu is that you can send super professional invoices and get paid with no fees.

I left my dream job to be an entrepreneur in the social media space. So now my job is creating content and courses for social media managers and marketers. When I first started creating content full time, I was shocked by how few resources were out there for creators. That’s why I’m so excited about what Lumanu is doing.

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Send invoices and receive money for free, and get an instant cash advance on outstanding payments.

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