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General help

How does Lumanu support creators?

We believe creators deserve better tools and technology—designed just for them—to run their businesses. Our mission is to empower creators to thrive on their own terms. The Lumanu app supports creators by providing tools to run their business. Everything creators need, nothing they don’t, all in one place. We handle a lot of the boring and tedious aspects of running a business and provide financial tools, so creators have more time to do what they love and get more money in the process.

The Lumanu app offers easy invoicing capabilities so creators can get paid quickly, no-fee payments so they can keep more of their hard-earned money, and EarlyPay access - an exclusive Lumanu offering that solves for the awful problem of waiting days or weeks to get paid for work they’ve already completed. Check out to learn more about how Lumanu helps creators run their business.

Is Lumanu free for creators?

Yes! Lumanu is completely free for creators. Send invoices and collect payments, with zero fees.

How does Lumanu work with managers, agencies, and brands?

In order to empower the creator community and ensure creators are paid on time and fairly, we strive to innovate for both sides of the relationship. When the relationships between managers, brands, agencies and creators thrive, everyone thrives.

We provide technology to managers, agencies, and brands that makes it easier to work with and pay creators. Our solutions help their business see more return on sponsorships and collaborations and pay creators efficiently and easily. Our tools safely and efficiently leverage creator content in paid ads and make it easier for brands to pay their creators and influencers on time. We also handle things like IRS 1099 tax filing.

By providing these tools we improve the creator-brand relationship so that creators stay focused on the best creations possible, and brands remain focused on results.

Can I still get paid on Lumanu when working with a brand via an influencer management platform?

Yes! When working in an influencer platform, when asked to supply your bank information, use your Lumanu payments account and routing number found on your invoice. Once the payment is complete, the invoice will be marked as paid and the money will be available in your Lumanu wallet and available to transfer to your bank.

How does Lumanu handle tax paperwork for creators?

Lumanu sends a 1099-K to all creators who receive $600 or more in payments via Lumanu during the calendar year.

While we don't create any other tax forms, we can help creators that use Lumanu track all of their income/payments as a way to prepare their tax reporting. And, Lumanu offers resources for tax prep.

How do I know Lumanu is secure and can be trusted?

Lumanu has been in business for more than half a decade. We are trusted by some of the world’s largest and well known brands including Walmart, Everlane, Poshmark, and Cameo.

For payments, Lumanu integrates with FDIC insured banking partners and Plaid to ensure that we can collect banking information (via bank login or account & routing number) safely and simply. Lumanu does not access or store sensitive account information. Plaid is technology made for apps and used by top brands like American Express, Venmo, and Acorns as the most trusted technology in the space. To learn more about Plaid, you can visit their website here.

Getting Started

Can I use Lumanu with my team, assistant, or manager?

Yes! Lumanu makes it easy for you or your team to run your business on your behalf.

How do I create a Lumanu account?

Sign up for your free Lumanu account on the Lumanu app by going to

Can I get help onboarding onto Lumanu?

Of course! Our creator experts are happy to help you get up and running Lumanu on Lumanu. Book a Time

For Existing Users

Where can I reach out if I have questions about my Lumanu account?

Our Customer Experience team is eager to help answer any questions you may have! Feel free to email us at

Can I use the same Lumanu account for multiple brand collaborations?

Yes! You can use Lumanu to collaborate and get paid by any client you work with by sending them a Lumanu invoice.

Why do I have to transfer my funds?

When you get paid by your client through Lumanu, you'll want to go into Lumanu and transfer your funds in order to move your money from Lumanu to your bank account. Prior to early 2022, your funds were moved to your bank account automatically. Having the ability to transfer funds from Lumanu to your bank works more similarly to other apps like PayPal and Venmo, but it's even better because we don't charge transfer fees and you can get same day ACH transfers. This also sets your account up to support the future of Lumanu Payments.

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