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Easy Whitelisting.

Share advertising permissions with brand partners in just one click!

Give your brand partner access to whitelist your content to create paid ads through your social handle. Make more money and increase your exposure without compromising the authenticity of your feed!

Transparent Insights.

This is your business. You have worked hard to grow your brand, build relationships with your followers, and to create compelling content. 

You deserve to know how your content, likeness, and data are being used by your brand partners. 

Lumanu empowers you with visibility and control.

Creators Trust Lumanu

Work as your own agency, lending identity and voice to your brand partners.

"Lumanu is an invaluable component to my business. It makes it easy for me to both grant advertising permissions and provide analytics to brands without compromising the security of my account. With Lumanu, I have full transparency and control of how exactly my content is used. I also really appreciate that Lumanu provides access to my performance analytics so I can provide case studies to other brands and create more compelling pitches. "

Steffie Price


Work as your own agency, lending identity and voice to your brand partners.

"...a large part of the collaboration is value and returning on the investment for both parties. One way to gauge that is being able to review analytics once the campaign is over. That's where Lumanu comes in; Lumanu provides easy access and security for advertisers and social content creators alike. Advertising permissions can be a complicated process in terms of operations but because I am a loyal Lumanu user, I've been able to share the results of its efficiency with my campaign pitches. The brands I work with love it, I love it. The common factor is that the platform is designed in a way that is more than easy to use and understand! "

Igee Okafor


Having full visibility into the campaign data is a fantastic perk that I never had access to before.

"Lumanu makes it easy for me to pitch myself to brands. As boosting becomes more and more popular for brand work, being able to provide data and statistics is key to landing gigs. And Lumanu makes it easy to collaborate with my brand partners too! Managing requests for collaborations and having full visibility into the campaign data is a fantastic perk that I never had before. "

George Laboda


Your data and personal brand are incredibly valuable.

As an official Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, Lumanu is committed to protecting your assets and taking your security seriously.

Whitelisting FAQs

Here's what you need to know

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting is the process of granting advertising permissions to your brand partners, which allows them to amplify your content to larger audiences. Brands may also refer to this as “granting advertising access” or “dark posting”, but know that we’re all talking about the same thing.

Why is whitelisting so popular? Learn why brands want to whitelist your account.

You’re authentic, you’re honest, and brands have seen the proven value in leveraging your influential voice to give a public “thumbs up” when you approve of a product or service. However, the space has become crowded, making it difficult for brands to get their messages across organically. Whitelisting remedies this by increasing the reach of your content by paying to get your message in front of new audiences.

How does whitelisting benefit me?

Whitelisting allows brands to amplify your content to new audiences through posts that are not required to appear on your feed. Not only does this increase your content/account’s reach, but it also helps offset posting fatigue which allows you to take on more branded work without annoying your hard-earned followers. Additionally, when you grant these permissions securely through Lumanu, you’ll have unique visibility into usage including all of the content your brands are amplifying and performance data.

Whitelisting, Boosting, Ad Access, Dark Posting - what do they all mean?

With 'whitelisting access', 'permissioning', or 'advertiser access', your brand partners can amplify your content by 'boosting' or by creating 'dark posts'. Boosting is when a brand puts paid media behind your organic post, increasing its reach to a larger audience. Dark posting is when brands create posts that do not show up on your organic feed but still use your social handles and content. Both boosting and dark posting allow brands to amplify your content to their target audiences and add CTAs (call-to-actions).

Once I grant whitelisting permissions through Lumanu, what can I do versus what can/can't brands do?

You Can: 

  • View performance for ads that brands are running using your content
  • Access and moderate comments on ads
  • Flag ads that do not abide to usage terms
  • Revoke brand access to your social channels at any time

Brands Can: 

  • Create & Edit Ads that run using your social channels
  • Serve ads to your followers and other users through Facebook and Instagram

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