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Talent managers

Pay your roster and instantly receive payment from partners, all in one place. No need for W9s, endless back-and-forth, or tedious vendor onboarding.

Talent manager Talent manager

Pay talent and get paid, hassle-free

Get paid fast

Pay yourself and your talent early,  regardless of the invoice's payment terms with Lumanu EarlyPay.

No annoying paperwork

Eliminate collecting W9s and issuing 1099s, and simplify vendor onboarding.

Easy payments

Send invoices, collect payment, and transfer to your bank account effortlessly, without fees.

Lumanu EarlyPay:
working capital, instantly

Keep your business fueled

Get paid early on outstanding invoices for a small upfront fee.

Eliminate the hassle of bill collections and transfer your risk to Lumanu.

Get immediate cash based on work you’ve done, not a risky
 credit line.

You're in good company

By paying our creators with Lumanu, we are able to streamline operations and get instant money to fuel our business, and our talent can, too. Lumanu shares our interest in putting the creator first with the goal of making a creator’s business as efficient as possible.

Eric Kullberg, Co-Founder, Creators Agency

Lumanu has been an integral partner in resolving the pain points of the payment process and making the onboarding of creators effortless, streamlined, and scalable. Lumanu’s EarlyPay feature has allowed our creators to get paid faster and reassures creators that they have full control over their finances from start to finish.

Dan Albert, Co-Founder,  456 Growth Media

Lumanu has made paying our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a month seamless and easy.

Paul Desisto Founder, Paul Desisto Management

Focus on winning new business for your roster, not admin work

Leave payments to Lumanu.