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Pay creators and freelancers in an instant, with no need for W9s or endless back-and-forth and tedious vendor onboarding. With EarlyPay, get paid immediately for invoices you send. Spend less time worrying about cash flow and more time on growing your agency.

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Pay influencers and freelancers, hassle-free

Everyone gets paid early

Tap into EarlyPay and get paid ahead of your invoice due date. Improve cash flow and speed payments.

No annoying paperwork

Eliminate collecting W9s and issuing 1099s, and simplify vendor onboarding.

All-in-one dashboard

One simple dashboard reduces friction and gives visibility to all your internal teams.

Lumanu EarlyPay:
working capital, instantly

Keep your business fueled

Get paid early on outstanding invoices for a small upfront fee.

Eliminate the hassle of bill collections and transfer your risk to Lumanu.

Get immediate cash based on work you’ve done, not a risky
 credit line.

You're in good company

Lumanu has been a game changer for the way we do business. Our collaborators love the ease of use and how quickly funds hit their accounts. As a business owner my favorite part is that it's constantly evolving and getting easier to use. I log on and see new helpful features every few weeks that make it easier to run my business.

Frank Catrambone, Partner, Embark Media Group

We master cashflow for our creative agency through Lumanu EarlyPay. All our freelancers get paid in full and on time, and we’re able to buy equipment and re-invest in our business with instant working capital based off of work we’ve already done, not risky credit lines.

Kyle Merwin, Co-Founder, Born & Bred
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Built for marketers. Loved by finance teams.

Leave payments to Lumanu.