What These Successful E-Commerce Businesses Have in Common During the Holidays

What These Successful E-Commerce Businesses Have in Common During the Holidays
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Lumanu Team

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The holiday season is upon us, so be prepared to see brands pull out all the stops to win over consumers during this biggest shopping season. How will you stand out from all the noise?

We all know a strong holiday campaign can help increase brand awareness. Some brands take the approach of building out a strong email campaign or a robust customer loyalty program. Others might take the route of increasing web traffic by implementing a video marketing campaign or offering 24/7 support to customers.

These tactics are great, but to make this quarter a success for your e-commerce business, consider other easy-to-implement, cost-effective solutions to double down on your marketing efforts this holiday season. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the three key things successful e-commerce businesses have in common during the holiday season that will help take your business to the next level. 

Launch Holiday Specific Products

Brands that win the holiday season will likely give eager-to-spend customers everything they’re looking for by offering timely and seasonal products. Seasonal and holiday-specific products offer people a feeling of nostalgia – a mood people yearn for, coming off the high of those hot summer days. 

The holidays also remind us of traditions and rituals. It’s a time for people to spend time with their loved ones and get festive. E-commerce subscription-based brand, MeUndies offers its customers a one-stop shop for fun and seasonal undergarments. It’s the one place where you can find a curated shopping list of men’s and women’s undergarments made for every holiday and occasion. 

Scale Your Influencer Marketing Program

In an unpredictable economy, brands can most certainly anticipate that households will be much more conservative when holiday shopping this year. It’s not enough to rely on traditional marketing channels like email marketing to win over consumers anymore. Instead, you want to figure out how to cut through the noise to ensure your brand stands out. To do so, you may want to consider scaling your influencer marketing program. 

Take Athena Club, for instance – the digital-first self care personal self care brand. After experimenting with different marketing channels, Athena Club made big bets on its influencer marketing program to help it build more of a 1:1 community. Through its diversification of marketing channels and its investment in influencer partnerships, the company reported a 2,000% growth in 2020.  

Creators and influencers can be a promising avenue to drive sales, given that consumers, especially younger audiences like Gen-Z, are more likely to trust recommendations from influencers than Millennials and Gen-X. 

Increase Budget for Paid Social  

Social media is one of the best routes to drive traffic to and allocate more budget to. For many e-commerce brands, it’s the main driver for revenue, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering 98% of consumers will make a purchase on social media in 2022, according to Sprout Social. Social media has the power to influence a majority of shoppers, and paired with a robust paid social strategy, it can drive impressive results and sales. 

Another reason companies should consider increasing their budget for paid social is simply to cut through the noise. Major companies across tech, apparel, and cookware are likely to spend more on holiday advertising than for the entire calendar year. Getting one step ahead of your competitors during this time is hugely beneficial. 

The fashion e-commerce company, Revolve significantly increases its marketing spending during the holidays. In 2021, Revolve recorded profitability for the fourth quarter with $29 million in net income, rising 55% over the prior year. It’s proof that building strong consumer relationships with your audience through social media channels can help position your brand as the go-to destination for all of your holiday shopping needs. 

If you haven’t considered implementing one of these tactics in your e-commerce business, this is your sign to do so. While campaign planning can be costly, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Start with something that’s easily scalable and low-cost. 

Lumanu’s all-in-one payouts and financing solution can help you scale your e-commerce business within months. If you’re new to working with influencers and creators, Lumanu is the perfect starting point as it allows you to onboard dozens to hundreds of creators at once and pay them out in one click. 

If you’re not convinced, here’s what luxury skincare and wellness brand DIME Beaty Co had to say about using Lumanu to scale its influencer marketing program: “At DIME Beauty Co, we have a robust influencer marketing program. Paying our global roster of influencer talent with Lumanu was markedly easier and less expensive than doing so through Paypal or bank transfers,” said Scott Morris, financial planner and Lumanu customer. “Not only did it simplify the payments process for our busy team and provide measurable cost savings, but our creators are also happy to be able to withdraw money in their local currency automatically and more easily.”

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