We got our braces off

We got our braces off
Tony Tran


Tony Tran

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The rise of the creator economy proved definitively that you can follow your passion and get paid for it. But when you do what you love for a living, the contrast between your creative work and running a business––dealing with spreadsheets, documents, invoices, taxes, deliverables––becomes even more obvious.

With the launch of our new brand, two new features, and a mobile app, we’re breaking down the idea that doing business is boring. Lumanu was built to meet the needs of creators. Only now, it all looks and feels a lot more fun.

Meet Projects and Expenses

Our two newest features only deepen our commitment to making business easy for creators.


  • makes it smooth to share information, deliverables, and more with your clients and teams.
  • puts an end to the endless email threads, file sharing apps, and messy folders.
  • is the creator’s superstation for collaboration.


  • marks the first-ever tax software built specifically for creators.
  • shows you, in real-time, how much money you’re saving on taxes, which in turn stays in your pocket.
  • makes it easy to keep everything in one place.

And of course, the Payments feature you know and love is still here––it just got a facelift.  

With Payments you can...

  • send a professional invoice in seconds.
  • get paid directly to your bank account with no fees.
  • cash out instantly with Lumanu EarlyPay.

Thanks to our newly-launched iOS app, you can now do it all from your iPhone, as you go. Click here to download.

When doing business becomes seamless and fun, creators can spend less time in their inboxes and more time focusing on doing what they love. And we are all the better for it.


Tony Tran

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