Rent the Runway x Lumanu

Rent the Runway x Lumanu
Katherine Cutler


Katherine Cutler

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Rent the Runway is a subscription fashion service that empowers women to rent unlimited designer styles for every occasion.

Prior to Lumanu, Rent The Runway was investing heavily in organic content created by hundreds of influencers, affiliates, and ambassadors.

Using Lumanu, Rent The Runway is now able to gain advertiser access to those creators at scale, enabling them to leverage creator content, identities, and audiences in their acquisition marketing mix.

Rent The Runway uses Lumanu to turn organic influencer marketing into a scalable growth channel

Influencer + Paid Media = a new growth channel

  • Influencer creatives are turned into ads across Instagram & Facebook placements
  • Ads are delivered through influencer identities
  • Multiple variants of creative, copy, and CTAs are A/B tested to deliver optimal CPA
  • In addition to Facebook pixel attribution, all content drives to landing pages with UTM tags to support RTR’s custom attribution model

Lumanu enables hyper scale with no extra overhead

Content is delivered at scale to net new and highly receptive audiences

  • Dozens of content turned into hundreds of creative variants across placements 
  • Dozens of premium audiences built from influencer followers and lookalikes
  • Influencer audiences are segmented by type (plus size, athleisure, maternity, ethnicity, etc . . .)
  • All targeting involved inclusion and exclusion audiences using Brand 1st party data and Facebook pixel

Retargeting built via influencer traffic improves overall effectiveness

Lumanu is trusted by influencers and managers to easily and securely share advertiser access

Before Lumanu: Rent The Runway managed influencers across different partners

Content assets were stored in shared drives and required manual communication with performance marketing team for use in brand and influencer ads.

With Lumanu: Lumanu platform is used to acquire and manage influencer permissions, content, and usage rights across internal and external partners

All influencer content, identities and audiences automatically flow into Rent The Runway Facebook ads manager for use by the performance marketing team.

Katherine Cutler

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