NEW: Version 3.0 of SmartBoost by Lumanu

NEW: Version 3.0 of SmartBoost by Lumanu
Alyssa Chapman


Alyssa Chapman

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You asked for it-- and we did it! Version 3.0 of SmartBoost (SBv3) is now available to all Lumanu users. Read on to learn about the new and updated features in the latest version of the SmartBoost platform. 

What is SmartBoost?

As influencer marketing continues to grow as a primary form of advertising, ensuring that your efforts stand out in a crowded space remains a challenge for brands. How do you ensure that the right people see the influencer content and messages, do it effectively, and do it at scale? 

The answer is SmartBoost. SmartBoost is Lumanu’s automated ad-buying software for Instagram and Facebook that streamlines the tedious and error-prone process of creating influencer ad campaigns in Facebook's Ads Manager. Once a campaign is created, SmartBoost auto-optimizes using Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) to deliver the best top-of funnel campaigns for your influencer content. In conjunction with CBO, SmartBoost analyzes the reach and engagement metrics for all pieces of content in a campaign to learn which pieces are the top performers. Budget is then allocated to the top performer, ensuring the best piece of content wins each time. 

SmartBoost’s intuitive creation flow allows users with even the most basic level of ad buying experience to easily launch top-of funnel influencer ad campaigns that reach audiences much larger than those that see the organic content.

What’s new in SBv3?

We understand how important it is for our users to have efficient workflows and turnaround times for their influencer campaigns. User feedback played an integral part in our reimagining of SmartBoost. Our goal was to give advertisers increased control over ad copy, audience targeting, and more. 

Improved Launch Time

Updates to the Lumanu system will decrease the time it takes to publish to Facebook Ads Manager to less than an hour! Also, you can create SmartBoosts in a paused state which allows the ads to go through Facebook’s approval process before setting live. This update gives you more control over when you would like campaigns to start delivering.

Copy Editing

We’ve found that editing copy of an influencer’s organic post can increase the performance of a paid ad. The latest version of SmartBoost allows you to shorten or edit the post’s copy as needed in a campaign. This feature is especially useful if you need to remove mentions of #ad or any other hashtags from the organic post. Note that it is important to make sure the agreement with an influencer allows copy edits. 

Customizable Audience Targeting

Audience targeting allows you to choose the audience to which the SmartBoost campaigns will deliver. Previously, audience targeting was based on suggested interests and internal algorithms. The latest version of SmartBoost allows you to target a larger variety of audiences including: 

  • Influencer lookalike audiences: people similar to users who have engaged with any content for all influencer in a campaign
  • influencer engagement audiences - users who have engaged with any content for all influencers in the campaign 
  • Detailed Targeting Audiences- create audiences based on demographics, interests or behaviors

Post-Publish Editing Capability

Lumanu does not recommend users make drastic changes to the campaign once it is live because all changes will enter a campaign back into the “Learning” phase which will affect the results. This new version  allows users to edit SmartBoosts in one of two ways: 

Edit Mode: allows you to make changes at the campaign or ad creative level 
  • Update the budget at the campaign level
  • Update the end-date at the campaign level

  • Create additional custom audiences  
  • Modify gender / age / location / interest for previously created audiences

  • Add new ad creatives

Non-Edit Mode: allows you to make changes to which pieces of content you want running at a given time
  • Pause/resume at the campaign level
  • Pause/resume at the ad level

​SmartBoost Error Console

In a situation where your SmartBoost contains errors that affect what is published to Facebook, the SmartBoost error console will display explanations for any errors that occur. The tooltips next to each error will provide more information on the changes needed to fix any error.

To keep up with new Lumanu features, subscribe to our blog! Have ideas for improvements or features? Drop us a note or contact your dedicated Lumanu account manager.

Alyssa Chapman

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