Listen to Tom Boyd and Jules Montgomery talk brand deals and business tactics

Listen to Tom Boyd and Jules Montgomery talk brand deals and business tactics
Tom Boyd


Tom Boyd

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Creators are brands. 

That’s not only a fact, it’s also the name of my podcast! My name is Tom Boyd (also known as @BonusFootage on TikTok). After building my own following to nearly 45,000, I realized that I had a huge opportunity to connect with other creators and chat with them about how they built not only their own followings, but their own personal brands. And thanks to my day job in content marketing, I am also able to bring a unique, real-world perspective to the conversation.

This week on Creators Are Brands, I chatted with creator Jules Montgomery.

Jules is a content creator with 280K followers on TikTok where she teaches her audience how to create with confidence. She’s also an agency owner who connects brands with influencers, and she is in the process of building “the Glassdoor for influencers.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The first company she started that saw 6 figures within 2 months of launching
  • How she started her own influencer agency
  • What she would do differently in her earliest brand deals
  • Why she is starting the glassdoor for influencers and creators
  • Exactly how brands should be working with creators
  • How you should reach out to brands
  • What you should include in your pitch deck

Here’s my favorite piece of knowledge Jules dropped in the episode: 

“People want to know what the result is going to be before you start and it’s just NEVER going to work like that. I didn’t trust it… I just sent it.”

For the next few months, I’ll be sharing exclusive insights from each episode with the Lumanu community. Be sure to follow along here on The Creator Feed for updates, as well as checking out the Creators Are Brands show pages: 

I hope you’ll tune in! See you back next week. 

Tom Boyd

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