How to onboard creators with Lumanu and get started today

How to onboard creators with Lumanu and get started today
Katie Rothstein


Katie Rothstein

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You’ve probably already heard that Lumanu simplifies working with creators, and that our tools for streamline the typical processes for receiving deliverables, granting advertiser access, sending payments, and more. And if you’re reading this page, you’re ready to make your life a whole lot easier. All that’s left to do now is onboard your creators and get going. 

How to onboard creators 

Once you make an account with Lumanu (via the “For Brands” side), you will have access to a custom signup link to share with creators. To find the signup link, navigate to the “invite creators” button in the “Contact List” tab in your Lumanu dashboard. This will generate a custom link to send to your creator roster that will allow creators to sign up for a Lumanu account and be recognized as part of your roster. All the creator needs to create an account is an active email address. 

If your creators are already on Lumanu, they still need the custom link. With the custom link, they will be prompted to sign into their existing account––and that way, they will be added to your contact manager. 

If creators have questions about onboarding and getting their account setup, feel free to direct them to or reach out to your account manager with any questions. 

As creators sign up, they will appear in your contact list tab in your Lumanu account. Once the creator has successfully completed the account setup via your custom onboarding link, you will be able to invite them to provide advertiser access and track if they have their banks linked to accept payment via your Lumanu dashboard. Creators will not be able to connect their social accounts or grant you advertiser access until you invite them to your dashboard via the custom link.

More about your custom onboarding page

Your custom onboarding page will have your brand name in the URL, and you can send it any way you would normally send a link (copy/paste into email, text, DM, linked to a document), etc.). This page will provide the creator with an understanding of who Lumanu is and what they can use it for as part of your partnership. Other custom attributes may be available to personalize the page further upon request and depending on your current pricing structure. 

Additional benefits of onboarding

It’s important to invite all freelancers and creators that you work with to use Lumanu. Why? 

  • Lumanu can serve as a creator contact record book for your entire company.
  • It offers an easy way to view creators’ follower counts in a list format, all in one place.
  • Once creators start using Lumanu Collabs, it makes it easy for brand partners to download unlimited content, provide notes and briefs, and participate in comment threads to request revisions or accelerate the approval process. 
  • Once the creator has a Lumanu account, it will be easier for you to request future advertiser access from them or pay them as your relationship evolves. 
Katie Rothstein

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