How a Top Talent Agency Manages Its Roster with Lumanu

How a Top Talent Agency Manages Its Roster with Lumanu
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Lumanu Team

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About Creators Agency

Creators Agency was founded in 2021 by Erika Kullberg, one of the most influential creators in the financial space with over 17 million followers on social media, alongside co-founders Eric Kullberg and Apple Crider. It is now one of the leading talent management agencies for digital creators, managing top influencers such as Graham Stephan (4 million subscribers on YouTube) and Andrei Jikh (2 million subscribers on Youtube). Creators Agency helps top brands reach over 100 million followers through their impressive roster of talent.

The founders of Creators Agency know that the key to attracting and retaining top talent is trust, which is built through seamless operations and reliability, especially when it comes to payments. That’s where Lumanu comes in. 

How Creators Agency simplifies workflow and keeps talent happy with Lumanu

Lumanu makes it easy for talent managers to invoice any client, then automatically push payment to each individual creator who is owed money from a campaign – all in a single step. This unique feature built into Lumanu’s invoicing solution is called Payment Splitting, and it simplifies workflow for Creators Agency. 

Rather than building an invoice for a campaign, sending it to a client, chasing down payment, then dividing that bulk sum into smaller sums owed to individual creators who participated in the campaign and paying them one-by-one through bank wire or Paypal, Creators Agency can get all that done in a single step with Lumanu. 

Lumanu allows Creators Agency to create a professional-looking invoice in seconds, and automatically determine how that invoice will be split into payments. Once they send the invoice to their client, there will even be automatic payment reminders built in, so no one at the agency has to chase down payment. When the client pays the invoice, money automatically flows to Creators Agency and to their talent, without any extra work. 

What Creators Agency has to say

“Digital creators are the lifeblood of our agency and we are always looking for ways to get them paid promptly, and efficiently. By collecting payment from brands and paying our creators with Lumanu, we’re able to streamline internal operations and easily save 20 hours each week on invoicing, collections and payments. Our creators always get paid on time because Lumanu keeps us from getting tangled in the administrative work of collecting and paying out their earnings.” - Eric Kullberg, co-founder of Creators Agency

How Lumanu can work for you as a talent manager

Imagine skipping all the annoying different steps required from collecting payments from a brand, to paying out individual creators. Get it all done in a few clicks on Lumanu, so you can streamline operations, reliably pay your creators on time, and make life easier for both yourself, your employees and the talent you manage. 

If you’re ready to save 20 hours a week on invoicing, collections and payments like Creators Agency, talk to a Lumanu business strategist today.

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