Introducing Lumanu EarlyPay

Introducing Lumanu EarlyPay
Lauren Russo


Lauren Russo

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Being a creative freelancer has tons of perks, from being able to be your own boss, escaping the confines of a traditional 9-5 schedule and office setting, to getting to create content about things you are passionate for with brands you love.  However, one of the major drawbacks of being a content creator or freelancing  is having to deal with irregular paychecks and lengthy net payment terms. 

Did you know that most creatives are waiting on average 30-60 days to get paid after completing work?  This is because many companies are required to pay invoices based on net payment terms- or a set period of time from when an invoice is sent. Usually, the more established or bigger a brand or company you have been hired by, the longer the net payment terms. 

What are net payment terms? 

Net payment terms are usually defined during the contract/negotiation stage of a partnership deal and define when a creator/freelancer can expect to collect payment in full for their work.  The net term is described in the format of calendar days- rather than business days- and typically range from 10-90 days.  Oftentimes, the net payment term is what will determine what due date is listed on an invoice and is based on the date the invoice was sent. 

For example, if a brand has net 30 payment terms, that means that the brand has 30 days to pay the invoice in full from the date that the invoice is sent or from the date that the work has been confirmed as completed.   Luckily, net payment terms DOES include weekends and holidays. 

Pro tip: When negotiating with a brand, make sure to confirm the net payment terms and when those terms start tracking.  Do the net payment date terms start tracking from the day invoice is sent, the day work is deemed approved/completed, or from the day the contract is signed?  In most cases, new payment terms kick into effect from the date that the invoice is sent. he earlier you can send it the better off you will be to not have to wait extra days to collect your cash. 

Lumanu EarlyPay for Advance Payment 

Lumanu understands how difficult it can be to run your creator business when you don’t have a consistent paycheck you can count on.  We understand that difficulty is further amplified when lengthy net payment terms delay cash from hitting your bank account. Creators should be able to achieve financial freedom doing what lights them up-- and part of achieving financial freedom means having more control and access to your cash flow. 

Whether you need the money for rent and bills, have a life emergency that requires cash, want access to your cash to reinvest into your business, or simply just don't want to wait, Lumanu EarlyPay gives you the option to get paid instantly on qualified invoices.  

Lumanu EarlyPay to avoid Late Payments 

Getting started with EarlyPay is simple.  

Step 1: Request Access Login to your account and request access to Earlypay straight from the payments dashboard in your app.  You will be required to give your mobile number to unlock access.  

Step 2: Get on boarded by your new assistant, Luna: Once you request access with your mobile number, we will assign you your own personal Lumanu assistant, Luna, who will walk you through what to expect and answer any questions you may have.  Luna will cover with you what you can expect to pay for fees, how to accept an EarlyPay offer, what types of invoices are “eligible” and how to verify the invoices.  You always have the option to choose which invoices you want to use EarlyPay for and Luna will always be there to guide you through the process.

Step 3: Send invoices via Lumanu  The only way to qualify for EarlyPay is to use Lumanu to send an invoice.  Invoicing with Lumanu is free for creators and is a simple way to create professional invoices in seconds and track everything in one place.  Lumanu is a better alternative to PayPal for creators, much easier than creating invoices / spreadsheets manually from invoice templates, supports multiple payment methods and offers a more premium experience than other free invoice maker apps or invoice generators.  

Step 4: Review and Accept EarlyPay Offers When an invoice you’ve sent qualifies for EarlyPay, you will be notified by Luna and sent the details of your EarlyPay offer.  Each EarlyPay offer will tell you how much you’ll cash out instantly, and show you the breakdown of the 2.9% fee. You can accept the EarlyPay via text or in your Lumanu dashboard.  

Step 5: Invoice Verification and Payment.  Once you have accepted the EarlyPay offer, the next step is to verify the invoice.  Luna will walk you through the fastest way to verify your invoice is valid and as soon as it passes the verification process you will get paid instantly to your bank account!  Once you get paid, you are free to spend the money and do not need to worry about getting the money from the brand.  Once you have been paid with Lumanu EarlyPay, we handle the collection process with your brand directly and work with them to collect the payment within their net terms based on the due date you listed on the original Lumanu invoice.  

And that’s it! Welcome to payment peace of mind! Finally, with Lumanu EarlyPay it is possible to feel in control of your cash flow as a creative freelancer.   And that is why Lumanu EarlyPay has been dubbed “The game changer of all game changers” for creator Jamila Reddy. Lumanu EarlyPay is the cash advance app creators have been craving and can trust. 

Lumanu EarlyPay enables me to be able to manage my finances and also manage my life in a way that's empowered. Lumanu EarlyPay is a game-changer of all game-changers. I can just breathe. I don't have to figure out when that money is coming or chase that money down or be involved in these uncomfortable exchanges with people. Like, "are you going to pay me on time?" I got EarlyPay the other day for a gig that I did and it was so amazing because I was able to move money into my savings and book a plane ticket and I was like, "Wow!"
It feels really empowering to be able to, to just have the money on hand, I can just be like, "it's done, it's done and now I can just live my life". Having a place where people are saying: Yeah, we know that your role is important we value the work that you do as a creator, we value the work that you do as an influencer and we want you to be able to be compensated appropriately and to be able to flourish to have financial abundance.”

Ready to get started?  Login, request access, and fast forward to payday! 

Lauren Russo

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