Everything You Need to Know about Lumanu Monitoring

Alyssa Chapman
December 22, 2021
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Alyssa Chapman
December 22, 2021
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Everything You Need to Know about Lumanu Monitoring

Welcome to Protection: The Lumanu Monitoring Dashboard

Lumanu built the Monitoring Dashboard as an exclusive protection feature, making it possible for creators to see how their content and likeness are being used in ads by Lumanu Brand Partners.  You cannot get this information anywhere else, not even on Instagram!

How do I use the Lumanu Monitoring Dashboard?

To access your Lumanu Monitoring Dashboard, log into your Lumanu account at creators.lumanu.com. Once you are successfully logged in, click the tab on the tab says “Monitoring”. 

If your screen is blank and displays “Your content has not been whitelisted yet” this just means your brands have not created an ad with your handle yet.

Once brands start creating ads, your creatives will be sorted by “Active” in blue and “Inactive” in grey

Filter Tool

Up top you will notice you can use the “Filter by” tool to filter your content. You can choose to show all sponsored ads, active only or inactive only. 

If a creative is “Active” this means this sponsored post is currently delivering to an audience targeted by your brand partner.

If a creative is “Inactive” this sponsored post is not delivering or the campaign for this ad has ended

Understanding your Sponsored Posts: 

Each of your sponsored posts have metrics and information that will help you gain insight in to how the post is performing, who is whitelisting the creative and more.

Boosted Date:

The first area in the post is the “Boosted Date.” This is the date on which the sponsored post was first created. 


Below your image, you’ll find the call-to-action button (Learn More, Shop Now, Get Offer, etc.) that is being used for your ad along with the corresponding link that the sponsored post sends users to. 

Whitelisted by:

The next metric is  “whitelisted by” . This lets you know which Lumanu brand partner is running your content as a sponsored post. 


Next, you’ll find “identity” that indicates which Facebook or Instagram handle the sponsored post is running from. If you see both Instagram and Facebook listed for 1 ad, that means that the ad is running on both platforms


Insight gives you transparency on the impressions, reach, likes comments, and link clicks from your branded ads. You can’t get analytics like this anywhere else , not even on on Instagram! In fact, nowhere else in the industry has all of this information in one place.

Access your ad and Moderate Comments: 

Another useful tool that can be found in your Lumanu Monitoring dashboard is the ability to moderate comments on your content. 

The three dots in the upper right corner above your content  allow you to view  the ad and  moderate comments on the ad as it appears on Facebook and Instagram. From there you can view, reply or delete comments.

Flag your content:

The final feature in your Monitoring dashboard is the ability to flag content.  In the same bar where you can moderate comments and view ads, you can click “flag content”.  You are then able to provide a reason why the content should be removed.

For instance, if you disapprove of the edits or the content was posted outside of your usage period, you are easily able to flag it. Our team will then take care of the request and reach out to the brand to have it removed!

What are the Benefits of the Lumanu Monitoring Dashboard?


Not knowing where or how your content is being used can leave you feeling unprotected.   Sometimes, you provide advertiser access permissions to your brand partner to whitelist your content and from there you are left in the dark.  

With Lumanu Monitoring, as long as your brand partner is a Lumanu brand partner, meaning you granted them advertising access through Lumanu’s “Confirm Collab" button in your account, you'll be able to see all of your content and how it was used by your brand partners to create branded ads. 

Pro Tip:  If you are working with a brand who is not a Lumanu brand partner, refer them! We can get them set up with a brand account and then you will be able to see all of your insights in one place. 


It isn’t common, but sometimes a brand may accidentally use a piece of your content in a way that you are not comfortable with.  

For example, a brand may not realize that they are using a piece of content for longer than they are contracted to, or have potentially used an image you did not approve of.  In order to put the control in your hands, we have created a “Flag” button that allows you to notify our teams that something doesn’t look right.  

Our team will get to work and make sure the brand is notified that something is off and work to resolve or take down the content. 

Pro Tip:  Use Lumanu to help you stay on top of your usage limit dates by keeping track of ads that are active vs. inactive.  Brands should be paying you to use your content for a specified amount of time.  If they use your content outside of your contracted window, this is an opportunity to reach back out and see if they would like to pay to extend their usage! That’s passive income for you! 

Take Action: 

It can be difficult to keep track of the comment threads on the branded ads.  While your brand partners have posted the ads, it’s your handle that the sponsored post is coming from, so you may want to monitor and/or reply to comments. 

But, it can be tricky to keep track of the comments coming from your organic posts and the branded posts within your Instagram or Facebook notifications.  Lumanu Monitoring makes it easy for you to view, reply, and delete comments for all branded ads.

Pro Tip:  When a brand amplifies content through your handle to new audiences, this is an amazing opportunity for you to get in front of new followers! Engage those potential new followers by being able to reply and form new relationships in the comments of the branded posts.  This will increase the likelihood of the user becoming a loyal follower for you and the brand. Don’t worry, a brand will never be able to comment as you, so you can still own these potential relationships!


With your Monitoring dashboard, insights are available on a per ad level.  These insights help you gain a better understanding of how brands are strategically leveraging your content and how it is performing. 

If you see duplicate ads, don’t worry, this is normal.  In fact, although a bit confusing looking, this is a good sign that brands are leveraging your content to test out different audience lists and call to actions that can improve the performance. 

Pro Tip: For more information on the performance of ALL of your sponsored content, check out the Lumanu Insights tab in your account to view more helpful stats. 

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We are always looking to improve our product to meet our users’ needs and value feedback from our community. Please let us know what you think about this feature and share any suggestions you have to further improve your Lumanu experience!